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[openFATE 310881] Making it easier to help
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 15:04:45 +0100 (CET)
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Feature changed by: Bryen Yunashko (byunashko)
Feature #310881, revision 2
Title: Making it easier to help

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+ Duplicate of #310880
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Requested by: Simon Chew (chewengineer)
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I propose that we need to make joining the project a more personal
experience.  Too many of the suggested means of communicating are very
faceless and impersonal.  This is even more important if the community
wishes for non-technical contributions to the project (e.g.
backgrounds, sound files, colour schemes etc.)
When I try to get involved with the project, I am directed to either an
IRC channel or a mailing list.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with
using these technologies, a lot of users are simply not familiar or
comfortable with these ways of communicating.  In particular a mailing
list is confusing because (outside the project) mailing lists tend to
be non-reply only.  In addition, some of the links no longer function
Suggestions for improvement:
1. A very visible single point of contact e.g. a giant button on every
community page saying "Want to help? Don't know how to start?" This
would link to a contact form that would allow the user to select
project areas they are interested in and then contact the relevant
2. Could we use social networking tech e.g. Facebook to allow people to
comment and communicate using methods that they are familiar with?  A
lot of newer users have never used IRC or mailing lists and may not
even know what they are.
3. Re-vamp the Suse Art site.  It's looking a little bedraggled and
there doesn't seem to be much activity.  If users felt they could
upload contributions easily to a site and that those contributions had
a good chance of making it into the project they might be more willing
to participate.
4. Improving the visibility of the project within the OS itself e.g.
obvious menu links that will submit contact forms (and perhaps files)
to the project with minimal effort.
5. Make any information for new user much more prominent and much
easier to find.

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