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[openFATE 308991] fix diff for accepted requests
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 15:00:29 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <feature-308991-8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Adrian Schröter (adrianSuSE)
Feature #308991, revision 8
Title: fix diff for accepted requests

- Buildservice: Evaluation
+ Buildservice: Done
Requester: Important
Projectmanager: Important

Requested by: Ruediger Oertel (oertel)

the hermes message shows a link like that is already broken by
the time you get the notice since the source package is usually deleted

#1: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-02-11 16:38:41)
The api is getting the revision numbers of all target packages on
processing the request. It could send them to hermes, but so far we do
not have infrastructure to do an hermes call in the api.
Klaas, can you provide a stub to send hermes notifications from the api

#2: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm) (2010-02-11 17:38:27)
Isn't the problem here, that the source package is already removed? Is
there a way to get a diff to an already removed package?
Another problem I think is, that there will be no diff to the target
when the request is already accepted, so we need to diff to a special

#3: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-02-11 17:54:52) (reply to #2)
yes, you need to create the diff of the target package for revision X.
No need to use the source package at all.
The api gets the revision number from backend when executing the
request. So it could report it to hermes.
(one could also lookup the request via the request id in the package
history, but that is more resource intensive).

#4: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-02-20 17:15:18)
From our team meeting:
Mails of accepted submit requests are not helpfull atm
* source package does not exist anymore often
* no matching difference in source and target package anymore
Solution is to send in accepted case different mails
* store revision number, before and after xsrcmd5 in request
* Factory checkin scripts need to send requestid

#5: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2010-07-19 19:52:14)
How can the original source package be not available, given OBS keeps
around the source files when doing rdelete.

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