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[openFATE 310379] SUSE Application Center
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 23:55:37 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: Otso Rajala (daedaluz)
Feature #310379, revision 6
Title: SUSE Application Center

openSUSE-11.4: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Otso Rajala (daedaluz)

Ubuntu 9.10 had one great new feature in it: the Ubuntu Software
Center. It's radically dumped down, clean and uncluttered version of
Synaptic. See
(  for throughout description.
It is not intended to replace Synaptic, but to make installing software
more accessible. This is definitely something openSUSE needs. YaST is
even more powerful than Synaptic, but it's also more cluttered (at
least in KDE). Thus, the demand for clearly presented centralized
software installation and removal is also larger. I'm proposing, that
we bluntly copy Ubuntu Software Center principles and create a native
Qt interface for KDE. 
We might even go further, and give it even sharper "app store" look &
feel by making it to present graphical applications only. More advanced
users could use YaST or zypp like nothing happened.

Use Case:
Case 1: New user wants to install Kdenlive. Search in YaST provides
plethora of packages, including libraries & debug items. Confusing.
Search in Application Center produces only one result.
Case 2: advanced user wants to take a glimpse what's available for his
new desktop after installation. Application Center presents only
graphical applications, offering quick method to do that.

#1: Tom Zöhner (zoehneto) (2010-08-20 18:01:20)
Yast is, in my opinion, much easier to use then Synaptik, so i think it
would be wrong to default to a "Ubuntu Software Center" type thing (it
needs to be the default, otherwise its not easy) which is in no way
Power full and doesn't make sense since for example
"add/remove Repositorys" isn't made simple. For these reasons I suggest
we don't integrate a "Package management for idiots" solution and
instead (if it really is cluttered, which i don't think it is) fix

#2: Stephen Shaw (decriptor) (2010-08-20 18:06:00) (reply to #1)
I think you missed the point.  The comparison to Synaptic was a bad one
in my mind.  I view the Ubuntu Software Center more like
shopping.  Most people go into the store to buy bread.  To a certain
extent they don't care what's in the bread, just that its bread and its
the brand they like.  They don't go into the store to buy water, yeast,
flour, and any other ingredients they might need.

+ #4: Otso Rajala (daedaluz) (2010-08-25 23:55:13) (reply to #1)
+ Like Stephen said, you missed the point here.
+ a) YaST and Software Center can, would and should coexist, neither
+ would be default interfaces. zypper is the only default interface for
+ software management, while YaST and Software Center are its graphical
+ extensions.
+ b) I'm suggesting that we copy Ubuntu Software Center principles, not
+ that it's a carbon copy.
+ c) Software Center is not "package management for idiots". It should be
+ a centralized place where you go to download an application, while
+ zypper or YaST will provide package management, where you can download
+ debug, libary, source, meta, or binary packages individually if you
+ please so.
+ Trying to simplify YaST is not an option IMO, for it's tremendously
+ powerful for those who know what they want (at least in comparison to
+ Synaptic). Thus playing copy cat would be better option.

#3: Denny Beyer (lumnis) (2010-08-25 11:06:45)
I agree with the requester .... YaST is not very accessible to newer
users or just looking for another package browsing the repository for
new software.
The presentation of the packages need more appealing style and be more
polished. A clear structure would also help.
Additional information, screenshots etc. could be provided along with
the package description. We could provide information taken from or if existend wikipedia / sourceforge etc.

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