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[openFATE 308289] Dedicate More third party support
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 23:27:40 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: jpxviii jpxviii (jpxviii)
Feature #308289, revision 3
Title: Dedicate More third party support

+ Hackweek V: Unconfirmed
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Requested by: shadow ey (shadoweva09)
Partner organization:

All of the desktop Linux distributions could definitely benefit from
better third party software support. The case right now is that a
company may decide to dedicate resource to make their software Linux
compatible, but likely will only dedicate enough resources to make it .
rpm, .deb, or .tar.gz packages and nothing else because of the small
market share. They also don't want their software being hosted in
repository servers and keep control over distribution. I know the
politics usually go that the should use our package format and our
repositories, but they don't and certain reasons come up that make it
impossible to do so (like Skype needing to protect their phone bills).
Since they didn't use the format the user has, the user has to do all
the work getting it to work and they suffer.

Use Case:
A user is using a distribution that uses rpm install files and needs to
install commercial software to connect to their school's application
server. The company that makes the software only dedicated enough
resources to make the debian package. The user now has to install and
learn to use special software to make the client software work. If
there was a special way of handling Third party software that
businesses were encouraged to use and all desktop Linux distributions
supported that way of software management the users would not suffer,
and business would not have to choose between which package format
to allocate project funds for.

Business case (Partner benefit): To put an end to the second rate treatment of software
that's not in repositories, make the user experience much better for
people using third party software, and reduce costs for companies
developing software for desktop Linux by eliminating the need to create
multiple packages.

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