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[openFATE 306475] modify Firefox' plugin finder service to search and install from openSUSE repos
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 22:31:53 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <feature-306475-22@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: jpxviii jpxviii (jpxviii)
Feature #306475, revision 22
Title: modify Firefox' plugin finder service to search and install from
openSUSE repos

openSUSE-11.2: Evaluation
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Important

+ openSUSE-11.4: Unconfirmed
+ Priority
+ Requester: Important

Info Provider: (Novell)
Info Provider: Wolfgang Rosenauer (wrosenauer)
Requested by: Wolfgang Rosenauer (wrosenauer)

Firefox' plugin finder service searches for missing plugins at mozilla.
org and can't provide useful things usually for Linux.
The plugin finder service should be improved to know about plugins
available for openSUSE and should invoke an installer on request.

#1: Wolfgang Rosenauer (wrosenauer) (2009-06-25 08:39:51)
A short overview what's needed to make this feature as complete as
1) client support in Firefox to ask a webservice for available plugins
and hook into the package installer to install the chosen plugin
2) a webservice which provides the required data to Firefox
3) a job which fills the webservice's database with available plugins
The code for 1. and 2. is done in the Firefox extension "susefox" now.
It's already pretty complete and usable (only some minor issues left
and translations missing).
For 2. a hosting platform is needed where I'm not sure if it should be or as we could refer to more
plugins for the latter probably.
For 3. nothing is really available yet. The reason is that our package
metadata is missing information we would need to detect mozilla
plugins. For the current implementation the database is created
manually but I consider this pretty much impossible for a production

#2: Drew Kwashnak (dragonbite) (2009-07-08 17:49:42)
Some of the plugins (Flash, Java) could have a pre-associated
repository it installs jsut for that one installation and then closes
it, or if the vendor has a repository then maybe it would connect (and
keep) to their repository so updates will be checked for automatically.
Providing a list of open source and proprietary choces will help inform
users of FOSS alternatives they may otherwise not know of or think
Ubuntu has a great implementation of this in Firefox. I have not tried
"susefox" but in my recent installation of openSUSE 11.1 Gnome there
was nothing helpful regarding installing Firefox plugins.

#3: Stephan Kulow (coolo) (2009-08-12 12:13:13)
didn't you already work on this?

#4: Wolfgang Rosenauer (wrosenauer) (2009-08-12 19:14:40)
From the list in my initial comment number 1. and 2. is done.
I still consider number 3. important as maintaining the database
manually requires someone to do that. I've posted a few times to
opensuse-factory to get someone knowing about RPM/metadata/repositories
involved to find out how it could be automated but there was no
progress unfortunately.

#6: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich) (2009-08-18 22:55:23)
I run all my beloved plugins from and I don't want to miss
them (I would certanly not use openSUSE any more). Because this
sentence is NOT true for me:
>'t provide useful things usually for Linux.
I vote against!

#7: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich) (2009-08-18 23:04:02) (reply to #6)
Sorry, it's to late at night for me.... I missmatched:
plugin - extension
I love my _extensions_ from ....

#8: James PEARSON (jpearson1) (2009-09-24 23:09:27)
# fresh install at xxxx@linux-8xpa:~> date Thu Sep 24 22:33:35 CEST 200
# added Packman & VLC &1 zypper dup # If I click on a url using
Konqueror requring Flash I get the following message No plugin found
for 'Shockwave Flash file'? Do you want to download one from openSUSE
This didn't work so I tried Firefox and played around abit I finally
installed flash-plugin- from the adobe site
I now get an image but no voices watching video Sound works - I can
play DVDs and mp3 music on v11.2
Can anyone provide instructions on how to get flash to work?

#9: Wolfgang Rosenauer (wrosenauer) (2009-09-25 14:04:21) (reply to
James, features is not a support tool. Please raise your issue in appropriate
forums or mailinglists.

#10: Wolfgang Rosenauer (wrosenauer) (2009-09-25 14:07:54)
Feature is implemented.
Plugin Finder Service is online for 11.2 but needs improvements and
should get integrated into software portal to make manual database
maintenance needless.

#11: Roman Bysh (romanator) (2009-09-26 16:21:41)
Can the plugin finder service include an image and name of the missing

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