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[openFATE 306924] Software Store like AppStore/Android Market
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 19:34:05 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature #306924, revision 8
Title: Software Store like AppStore/Android Market

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Requested by: Raúl García (bgta)

The idea is to create an online store like AppStore or Android Market
using One Click Install. The currents search system is offuscated. By
example, if you try to search "Firefox" in the current search system,
you get more than one result, and Mozilla Firefox isn't the first.
I think in some site like
Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english :)

#1: 嘉樺 張 (iamchiahua) (2009-12-02 13:14:44)
Mainstream operating systems like Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X
has its own installer(msi for Windows,dmg for Mac OS X). It provides an
easier way to install software and drivers. Opensuse now also have the
osi(#305582: Off-Line one click install (MSI for Linux)).
I think to provide a web site like
( that everyone download osi package is
a good idea. This can be more effective marketing opensuse, but also
more acceptable to all novice.

#2: 嘉樺 張 (iamchiahua) (2009-12-02 14:49:22) (reply to #1)
Highly recommended to provide full localized support site.

#3: Roberto Mannai (robermann79) (2009-12-02 15:22:42)
Maybe it could be integrated into the Software Portal

#4: Alexander shaduri (alex_sh) (2010-03-04 14:39:39)
I think it should be something like Ubuntu Software Center - .
The key difference between YaST and the software store is that YaST
lists packages, and software store should list applications.
I compiled a list of what I'd like to see in it. The list is based on
my experience with Android Market (and some experience with Appstore),
as well as what I would like to see improved (taking some ideas from
Ubuntu's software center).
I think the software store should be able to do the following:
1. Present applications in a user-friendly way. Note that an
application is a collection of packages presented as a whole. There
should also be a screenshot section and a main icon for an application.
2. Allow the users to install and remove applications with one click.
3. Allow the users to download applications for later installation.
4. Allow the users to rate the applications, leave comments. Some way
of feedback (solutions to common problems, a way to report bugs) should
be provided.
5. Let the users browse the applications by category. For example the
"Graphics" category will include The Gimp and other similar programs.
6. Let the users sort applications according to their score, number of
downloads, etc...
7. The users should be able to view suggested applications that other
users with similar installed applications may have used. This will help
users to maintain a certain type of desktop setup. For example, if a
user has installed a lot of GNOME applications, a GNOME application
should be suggested/preferred.
8. There should be a support installation profiles (or accounts). For
example, if a user is migrating from and old openSUSE version to a new
one, he/she should be able to just say - "install whatever I had
installed in the old one".
9. A user profile should contain applications that a user may have used
(and uninstalled) in the past.
10. A user should be able to easily set up a second computer with
applications from the first one. A list of previously installed
applications should be sufficient.
11. Things should be as simple as possible for the developers. For
example, if a developer already has a package at OBS, no further action
(like building an msi/osi-like package) should be needed. Except maybe
adding some screenshots, an icon and a description (all through OBS).

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