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[openFATE 309719] Backport AMD X6 TurboCore fix from kernel 2.6.35 to opensuse 11.3
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 13:28:54 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: jimbo bigcreed (Dimble_ThriceFoon)
Feature #309719, revision 11
Title: Backport AMD X6 TurboCore fix from kernel 2.6.35 to opensuse

openSUSE-11.3: Unconfirmed
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: jimbo bigcreed (dimble_thricefoon)

I am presuming that opensuse 11.3 will be fixed at kernel version
2.6.34, which contains poor/buggy support for the TurboCore features of
the new AMD X6 processors.
It would be a great shame to have the eight month "top-shelf" life of
opensuse 11.3 marred by lack of support for an enthusiast class feature
of their hardware. If you have purchased a new computer you don't want
to find-out that running the newest release of opensuse will lose an
aggregate of 1500MHz of performance. This bug has been fixed in the
2.6.35 kernel:
I would very much like the opensuse kernel team to ensure that the fix is
backported into the kernel due to be used in 11.3. I appreciate this
may already have happened, so considere this a heads-up. :)
Kind regards

#1: jimbo bigcreed (dimble_thricefoon) (2010-06-08 14:05:39)
more here:

#4: jimbo bigcreed (dimble_thricefoon) (2010-07-17 14:34:49) (reply to #1)
so, what happened with this?
no reply, no change of status, no rejection, no
deferral.......................... not important?

#2: John McInnes (jamjamjamjam) (2010-06-12 22:27:21)
I agree, and I would even like to see it backported to 11.2.
The Phenom X6 is very popular already and is selling so well it is on
backorder at most outlets. (yes i have one :) )

#3: Bruno Friedmann (bruno_friedmann) (2010-06-14 17:50:49)
I personnally would be very interrested by this one also on 11.2,

#5: Bruno Friedmann (bruno_friedmann) (2010-07-17 16:30:48) (reply to
Last week we finished a brand new X6 Phenom computers a 3200Ghz
What Have been seen is that if amdk10 is not loaded, all cores are
running à 3600Ghz.
But there's no scheduling gov present. If amdk10 is loaded, we see
throttling acting, but never over the 3200Ghz.

#6: Detlef Steuer (dsteuer) (2010-07-29 21:24:59)
I would think that is an important backport.
We have a lot of these machine at our department and it becomes an

+ #7: jimbo bigcreed (dimble_thricefoon) (2010-08-10 13:28:49) (reply to
+ #6)
+ agreed, but faced with deathly silence.................

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