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[openFATE 309585] mango-lassi packaging
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 11:49:11 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <feature-309585-3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Michael Meeks (michael_meeks)
Feature #309585, revision 3
Title: mango-lassi packaging

Requested by: Michael Meeks (michael_meeks)

We should get mango-lassi and dependent packages into openSUSE, and
fixed up and beautiful too.
We already build it for several other distros in the build service, but
not ours:

#1: Klaas Freitag (kfreitag) (2010-05-21 18:53:40)
Wouldn't it make sense to add just a *little* description what it is
and what it's good for to this feature and/or to the buildservice meta

+ #2: Michael Meeks (michael_meeks) (2010-05-24 11:49:09) (reply to #1)
+ Oh, allright then :-) Google with "mango-lassi linux" is quite helpful:
+ Might be fun to put a Qt UI on top of it as well I guess - if you are
+ very much that way inclined - I suspect the UI specific piece is quite
+ a small part of the overall picture.

openSUSE Feature:

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