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[openFATE 309584] Zippl Presentation Tool (Qt, C++)
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  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 16:05:00 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: Klaas Freitag (kfreitag)
Feature #309584, revision 4
Title: Zippl Presentation Tool (Qt, C++)

Requested by: Klaas Freitag (kfreitag)

The idea of a new presentation tool called Zippl is of course inspired
by the new and breathtaking tool Prezi [1] which is available online.
The idea of Zippl is to implement something similar as Prezi, but as a
desktop tool based on the Qt toolkit which brings the perfect modules
with it.
A presentation in Zippl will not be one page after the other, but a
huge canvas on which spots of information lie around. These spots are
the actual presentation portions and can contain (for the first
attempt) out of text, geometrical items such as boxes and pixmaps.
During a presentation, Zippl moves from one spot to the next, of course
in a very cool animated way.
Another concept of Zippl will be the "more details" idea. If the
presentation goes to show more details on a spot, it dives through the
spot to another one.
A Zippl-Presentation will be written up in a XML file specifying the
spots with its content such as text, graphics and stuff. Spots can be
nested to reflect the detail thing.
Zippl XML files should be of easy structure and can be written
manually, later GUI editing functionality could be added easily.
There is no code yet for Zippl. The project is happy about any help
from everybody who is interested in programming Qt and C++ or giving
input on this stuff.

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+ - The Prezi Homepage (url:

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