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[openFATE 305493] Look at plymouth for splash during boot
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 21:04:53 +0100 (CET)
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Feature changed by: Atri Bhattacharya (badshah400)
Feature #305493, revision 58
Title: Look at plymouth for splash during boot

openSUSE-11.2: Rejected by Stephan Kulow (coolo)
reject date: 2009-07-29 10:36:47
reject reason: running out of time and what we see so far is too little
too late ;(
Perhaps for 11.3, for 11.2 splashy sounds like the saver alternative.
Requester: Important

openSUSE-11.3: Evaluation
Requester: Important

Requested by: Vincent Untz (vuntz)

I wanted to open a fate feature about this when I first heard of
plymouth, but reading
really makes me think we should go this way.
Ray's comment starting with "Every flicker and mode change in the boot
process takes away from the whole experience." is especially
Is it okay to track the "don't show grub by default" here?

#1: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2008-11-30 00:32:58)
Cool idea.

#2: Kevin Dupuy (kdupuy9) (2009-01-17 21:42:12)
I like this idea. Flickers, dropping to text, etc. makes any OS look

#3: Armin Moradi (amoradi) (2009-01-19 19:49:55)
Agreed, those flickers are very unprofessional and annoying.

#4: Stijn Van Nieuwenhuyse (svnieuw) (2009-01-20 15:22:17)
With plymouth it would also be possible tot deliver a nice bootsplash
for far more setups than now are available. For example, my laptop does
not have an appropriate 16-bit widescreen framebuffer mode. Currently
the options are to have a stretched splash or have the framebuffer set
to the native (non 16-bit) resolution with bootsplash disabled. With
Fedora 10's plymouth I am able to get a good looking startup.

#5: Dean Hilkewich (deanjo13) (2009-02-18 04:54:31)
Please lets not have another "green" technology put into the distro
until it is completely ready. Usability has to become a priority before
"bells and whistles" at the cost of basic functionality. The last few
releases we have been pushing unready projects into the distro while
they are unstable and immature ie: PulseAudio, KDE 4.0, Beagle, etc and
it always turns around to bite openSUSE in the rear end.

#6: Eric Springer (erikina) (2009-02-22 03:10:46) (reply to #5)
Absolutely. However, my experience of plymouth has been all positive
(unlike all those technologies you have listed). My understanding is
that plymouth degrades gracefully on all hardware that doesn't support
it, leaving it no worse off. So if this is the case, and we're sure
that it's not going to cause problems -- I'd really like to see it in
openSUSE.<br /><br /> But yeah, stability/usability before shininess.

#7: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2009-03-01 16:50:55)
Not sure where the problem is.. the openSUSE CD/DVD seemed to have only
two video mode switches - one as the bootloader moves into graphics
mode, and another when X is about to come up.

#8: Dean Hilkewich (deanjo13) (2009-03-01 17:11:00) (reply to #7)
Ya the appeal eludes me too. It's not like CRT's are the mainstream
anymore where you hear the *click* *click* even anymore.

#20: Bryan Stephenson (acreda1234) (2009-11-14 19:39:06) (reply to #8)
it may be a small issue but for the linux desktop to grow, it will
always be held against Win* and OSX and needs to look just a polished,
and most of my friends have Iphones if you know what i mean, only I
want android for it's better useability..

#23: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2009-12-30 20:26:01) (reply to #8)
It's not about the modeswitch clicks, but about the flicker. In fact,
if the bootloader happens to use the same resolution as you start the
kernel framebuffer with, there is no flicker at all. Just ugly stripes
on the screen for a second (on some models).

#9: Luis Medinas (lmedinas) (2009-06-02 05:36:05)
Since 11.2 will ship a new kernel (KMS) and xorg 1.6 this is a good
idea to replace the old bootsplash (unmaintained). Please review this

#10: T. J. Brumfield (enderandrew) (2009-06-13 19:50:07)
Consider this a vote for plymouth, grub2, and hiden grub menu when
there is only one OS.

#11: Jose Ricardo De Leon Solis (derhundchen) (2009-06-22 04:28:18)
(reply to #10)
I agree: plymouth, grub2 and the hidden grub menu would be desirable

#12: Luis Medinas (lmedinas) (2009-07-20 04:32:50)
There are some packages available for openSUSE Factory[1]. Don't know
what's the status since i didn't test it yet.
1 -

#13: Holger Macht (hmacht) (2009-07-20 09:59:34)
Just a note to keep the graphical suspend in mind. We currently use
splashy for suspend/resume and for booting. Whatever
there is done, please consider getting rid of the second splash system
in openSUSE. There should only be one which is used both for suspend
and booting.

#17: (brejc8) (2009-10-11 22:22:12) (reply to #13)
There are patches sent to the user-level-suspend team which allow
plymouth to be used as the graphical system (in place of splashy). This
would reduce the number applications which have themed.

#14: Luis Medinas (lmedinas) (2009-07-20 17:20:55)
Yes is not acceptable using 2 applications for common stuff. We should
move to splashy (which supports both features) or plymouth.
Anyone want to came with a theme for opensuse ? Maybe the artwork team
have a word here.

#15: Jakub Steiner (jimmacfx) (2009-07-20 20:14:11) (reply to #14)
the artwork "team" has to create themes for both splashy and bootsplash
now. On top of that, bootsplash has a really nasty theming system. I
would really favor having to worry about splashy only.
The flicker-free aspect of plymouth is extremely appealing, so if it
can do what splashy does, let's go for it.
I really just wish the bootsplash zombie died for opensuse at last!

#16: Giorgos Koutsikos (ragecryx) (2009-07-28 02:51:02)
Just to mention that Plymouth sources are hosted in the Git repository
of ( just in case
anyone want to try it out (or any packager want to pack latest

#18: Bart Otten (bartotten) (2009-10-13 15:58:44)
Any progress regaerding this feature? Would be nice to have it in 11.3

#19: Thomas Sundell (thsundel) (2009-10-20 09:08:40)
Nice feature, would be nice to see plymouth in 11.3

#21: Ludwig Nussel (lnussel) (2009-11-26 09:47:05)
Switching splash screen technology probably requires integration with
boot.crypto. Please notify me in time if there are changes.

#22: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2009-12-26 02:02:13)
If it helps reducing the number of bootsplash implementations SUSE has
to ship with, yes please.

+ #24: Atri Bhattacharya (badshah400) (2010-01-02 21:03:52)
+ Some useful points about how the guys at Fedora made plymouth work are
+ summarised here
+ (
+ The main points the author makes are:-
+ "... The way we accomplished this was:
+ 1) I gave “plymouth quit” a “–retain-splash” option which told plymouth
+ to keep the boot splash’s contents on screen even after plymouth exits
+ 2) krh ( and ajax
+ ( added a -nr option to the X server to
+ make X not clear the screen to black (or a weave) at start up
+ 3) krh, airlied ( , and darktama
+ ( (Ben Skeggs) added the driver backend
+ support for -nr to intel, ati, and nouveau drivers respectiviely. Also,
+ Bill Nottingham made -nr work with the fbdev X driver.
+ 4) ajax made the ugly big “X” mouse cursor not show up by default
+ 5) I made gdm stuff the screen contents to a pixmap referenced by the
+ pseudo-standard _XROOTPMAP_ID root window property
+ 6) I also made gnome-settings-daemon cross fade from the _XROOTPMAP_ID
+ pixmap when it loads its background. This step meant we also get a nice
+ transition from gdm to the user’s session, because it also causes a
+ crossfade to happen from gdm’s background to the user’s background
+ during login.
+ Another big piece to the puzzle was kernel modesetting. This is what
+ makes sure the right mode is set at boot up from the start. Jesse
+ Barnes ( and krh did
+ most of the work for that in the Intel driver (based on top of the
+ memory manager work anholt, keithp, and other Intel crew did), while
+ airlied did it for the ati driver, and darktama did it for nouveau ...
+ one big wrinkle in the whole process is the hand off from plymouth to
+ gdm. Plymouth exits, leaving the system in KD_GRAPHICS mode and hopes
+ that X starts and picks up the peices. This is not a very robust
+ design, because if X doesn’t start, the system will be stuck in
+ KD_GRAPHICS mode and the user won’t be able to switch VTs or really do
+ anything at all, but reboot ..."
+ Just thought it might be useful if openSUSE tries to implement it for
+ 11.3.

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