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[openFATE 308284] Ship openSUSE 11.2
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 18:30:20 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <feature-308284-25@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Alberto Passalacqua (GreenGeeko)
Feature #308284, revision 25
Title: Ship openSUSE 11.2

openSUSE-11.2: New
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Stephan Kulow (coolo)

I consider Build 347 good enough to be GM. We should ship it!
Of course there are plenty of bugs left unfixed, but IMO no-one that
will cause major head ache to (most of) our users.
Please consider!

#1: Stephan Kulow (coolo) (2009-11-03 14:07:00)
If we do not ship now, we have to slip at least 2 weeks - otherwise the
mirrors will not handle the load.

#2: Atri Bhattacharya (badshah400) (2009-11-03 14:59:19)
Just my opinion: why not we take the two weeks, try and fix the most
important bugs among the ones already reported (with RC2) and ship it
then? I know we can keep thinking like this for ever and then a release
will never happen, but what I mean is if for some reason the release
date is already slipping, we might as well make use of this time and
fix some important bugs (reported on the Most Annoying Bugs in the wiki
with RC2), rather than rush the release.

#3: Stephan Kulow (coolo) (2009-11-03 15:18:08) (reply to #2)
the release is not rushed. And with every fix included the chance to
break something is there. So the question is: are we fine _now_ or do
we want to release with another set of annoying bugs.

#4: Stephan Kulow (coolo) (2009-11-03 15:19:01) (reply to #2)
And: there are no two weeks. We need quite a while to feed the mirrors
before we can go public. Not two full weeks, but at least 5 days.

#5: Atri Bhattacharya (badshah400) (2009-11-03 15:26:35)
To elaborate a little: the (installed) distribution itself is good at
this point. There are problems with the installation media (for
example: grub not recognising some other installed os - bug 548993,
localisation files for myspell and openoffice in different languages
being pulled from the internet on first run of yast - bug 551003, gdm
related bug 551116, etc.). There is also lack of very important
features in the software management module of yast-gtk (bug 551662)
compared to yast-qt-pkg (features that were implemented for the qt
interface late into the cycle), and at least one completed feature
(showing orphaned packages - feature 551771) not at all working. I
think it will be worth trying to fix the important bugs (like these)
prior to release; more important than releasing quickly is to release
as perfect an OS as possible imho.

#6: Hendrik Vogelsang (hennevogel) (2009-11-03 15:29:14)
The question about the bugs that are in the distro at this point is:
What fixes have we ready or nearly ready by today and do they warrant
the slipping.
I wouldnt worry about the ones not fixed yet. They probably won't be in
5 days because developers expect the distribution to move on.

#7: Sergio Gabriel (dahool) (2009-11-03 15:32:30)
IHMO at least #548132 should be fixed, as it is on the DVD and it's not
possible to fix it with an update. We did have some problems with the
repair system on others releases (I'm not sure if it was 10.3 or 11.0)
The other critical bugs can be fixed later (though I hope not to wait
to 11.3 to have them fixed ;-) )

#8: Felix Miata (mrmazda) (2009-11-03 15:59:09)
8 months old should
have been fixed months ago, not in some future release. /dev/disk/by-
id, /dev/disk/by-path & /dev/disk/by-uuid are all human unfriendly.
/dev/disk/by-label is the only human friendly option, and shouldn't be
released with such a glaring bug. The only reason I didn't push for a
fix via mailing lists or bugzilla sooner is that 11.2 will already be
skip-this-release-version-in-production-systems anyway due to KDE4
still too pathetic as a replacement for KDE3.

#9: Gabriel Fróes Franco (isorehalav) (2009-11-03 16:15:47)
I've been using 11.2 RC2 with KDE4 on my production environment since
release without any major issues. All the basic functionalitties for a
desktop user are working as expected (i.e. e-mail, browser, office,
photo management, multimedia). I would say it is good for a GM baed on
my experience with it so far.

#10: andrea florio (anubisg1) (2009-11-03 16:52:11)
that looks fine for me... there are just a couple of issues should be
1st) yast2 rdp requires xrdp but no xrdp package is available
2nd) grub not able to detect already installed linux installations
the first can be fixed adding packages to OSS or removing yast2-rdp,
the second one should be fixed before release a DVD

#11: Birger Kollstrand (mrkane) (2009-11-03 17:27:22)
I vote for releasing now. There are some issues left, but those are
mostly non critical (like the disk name) or critical only to a minor
user base(which always will be the case in a leading distro)
We are running on 2 laptops, 2 mini laptops and 3 stationar/servers.
All are performing well. They all have different HW, AMD, Intel and VIA
processors and chipsets.
They are actually performing better with this release than with 11.1
The mini laptops run noticeably better and KDE4 is a dream. 

#12: Max Heldt (max_heldt) (2009-11-03 17:42:29)
I have web camera Creative Vista IM VF0420. Work opensuse 11.2 with my
web camera? And I have notebook HP Compaq 6715b with wi-fi Broadcom
Corporation BCM4312. Work opensuse 11.2 with this Wi-Fi adater and

#13: Alberto Passalacqua (greengeeko) (2009-11-03 17:53:53)
I would agree to release now only if essential third party packages
(packman, 3D video drivers KMP's) are ready and available using one-
click. If not, wait, or you'll make quite some user complain.
Just my two cents,

#14: Russ Fineman (upscope) (2009-11-03 18:01:10)
A delay of several weeks would be fine if the most annoying bugs could
get fixed. What ships today is what we used to call Alpha or Beta in
the past (40+ years of computer experience). This discourges new users
that are used to MS.  
 Konqueror continues to ramdomly crash with version 4.3.2, display of
some websites is incorrect and the alternative FireFox is a big spyware
package. Also Cannot delete imported HTML bookmard file except one at a
The OS is fairly stable but Sound, Video and KDE 4.3.1 and .2  problems

#15: Rastislav Krupansky (ra100) (2009-11-03 18:02:54)
I feel free to wait a month, but there still exists a couple of bugs
(global, not specific to hardware) that will cause head ache to users.
Here you are the most annoying bugs, in my opinion. 537788 flash
doesn't respond to mouse clicks 540482 ConsoleKit: restart fails to
restart computer 548858 polkit-default-privs: Authentication is
required ALWAYS to configure drive spindown timeout 543745 One-click
install wizard not localized Guys please, take your time. I vote for
against releasing now.

#16: Matthias Fehring (buschmann23) (2009-11-03 18:03:18)
I am using it since RC1 on two laptops and one desktop computer without
any glitches. On all systems runs KDE 4 - and it is impressive. :) I am
using it in this use cases: web browsing, email, video, music, package
building, writing, communication... And all works fine. Great work! :)
I vote absolute for release.
The most left bugs can be solved through online updates, and I would
say, that the great majority of the users will not notice them.
To comment #12: I would say, that BCM4312 will work, see also here
( .
To comment #13: Packman is already building packages for 11.2 and the
most important packages are ready. I think that the whole repository
will be ready on November 12th.

#18: Max Heldt (max_heldt) (2009-11-03 18:16:27) (reply to #16)
Work web camera Creative Vista IM VF0420 in opensuse 11.2? Now use I
opensuse 11.1 and all works fine.

+ #20: Alberto Passalacqua (greengeeko) (2009-11-03 18:30:10) (reply to
+ #16)
+ What about 3D drivers in KMP's? Because without them it is worse than
+ without codecs IMHO.

#17: Max Heldt (max_heldt) (2009-11-03 18:12:15)
KDE 4.3.3 use in opensuse 11.2?

#19: Daniele Tombolini (kailed) (2009-11-03 18:18:22)
Hard to say. But installing tons of updates two days after the release
give a very bad impression. So, how many fix are ready but to late for
GM (if any..) ? How many bugs will be fixed postponing release one or
two weeks ?
In doubt, wait...

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