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[openFATE 307250] sax2 - ensure consistency with xrandr
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 14:28:31 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <feature-307250-10@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Tara Ikeda (TaraIkeda)
Feature #307250, revision 10
Title: sax2 - ensure consistency with xrandr

openSUSE-11.2: Done
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich)

Regarding sax2 user experience:
Kde4 - systemsettings has its own xrandr. LXDE has its lxrandr. 
Ensure users don't experience unpredictable behavior playing around
with different tools or ensure there is only one such tool installable.

Test Case:
* press alt+f2, type: sax2. it should not exists

#1: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich) (2009-08-08 15:12:59)
Discussion turns to direction not to use sax2 any more as xorg.conf is
not needed any more. For long time users of openSUSE sax2 could be made
a wrapper link to "xrandr --auto"

#2: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger) (2009-08-12 11:10:29)
I think this is done already for 11.2. Stefan, can you confirm,

#3: Stefan Dirsch (sndirsch) (2009-08-12 11:45:37)
SaX2 is no longer used by default and also no longer available via the
GUI. You need to run it from the command line now. We still want to
have it as fallback, if things go wrong with Xserver's

#5: Tara Ikeda (taraikeda) (2009-10-17 07:34:52) (reply to #3)
Well darn right it needs to be a fallback.
But why remove the GUII for such a useful tool.
Seriously you guys who came up with this idea do not have any idea,
when people complain not being able to stick to their resolution then
this will be requested back.
Removing SaX2 is a stupid idea, it makes things easier and yet tyou
want to make things harder...
Very moronic.

#4: Tara Ikeda (taraikeda) (2009-10-17 07:18:06)
Now this is stupid, I mean if you log out and you go back to the old
resolution you had as it seems KDE4 does not remember resolution
settings. So with SAX's GUI gone as you guys propose you have to use
the terminal, something I thought most "user friendly" distros are
supposed to turn away from. Or manually edit xorg like Ubuntu in some
This is a dumb move people.

#6: Atri Bhattacharya (badshah400) (2009-10-17 13:27:50)
(Installation from gnome LIVE-CD, x86_64, 11.2 RC1).
Alt+f2 -> type sax2 (sax2 icon shows up) -> press enter (sax2 does not
Application browser -> sax2 -> clicking opens sax2.
I dont know if I understand correctly but there is supposed to be no
gui way to access sax2 right? Apparently rc1 still has it from main-
menu -> more applications.
Should I file a bug?

+ #7: Tara Ikeda (taraikeda) (2009-10-18 14:27:59) (reply to #6)
+ Dont remind them, its stupid to rely on KDE4's screen resoltion tool!
+ If you install your system ahnd it does not detect your best resolution
+ it might stick you with an inferior resolution.
+ My default resolution is 800x600 and I want my best resolution
+ 1024x768, but with Sax2 gone I have to rely on KDE4's resolution
+ settings tool.
+ Sounds easty enough right?
+ If your system defaults to the small resoltion guess what, your scewed
+ idf KDE4 does not remember your desired resoltion.
+ And for me it never did, I always needed something like Mandriva's
+ control center or Sax2.
+ I get stuck with 800x600, its why I cant use Kubuntu!
+ What are we trying to make openSUSE like Kubuntu, so that when you need
+ a higher resolution by default you have to edit xorg and crap like
+ that?
+ Sax2 needs to remain, it is impossible for me to rely on KDE4's
+ buttf%$&ed resolution tool and its inability to save my desired
+ resolution.
+ You peple who suggested it be removed need your heads examined, we need
+ the GUI too for new users.
+ If we take a useful tool liike this away it will be foolish, to remove
+ the GUI and have people use the commandline to access this useful tool
+ boarders on stupidity.
+ If you folks want to attract more new users you must keep Sax's GUI
+ there, I think its screwed up that you people suggested it to be
+ removed.
+ And to see it accually go through is another stupid move, whoever
+ okayed this stupid idea must be six times as stupid.

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