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[openFATE 302159] zypper: Add option to only download packages (-d)
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 16:10:45 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <feature-302159-57@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Martin Vidner (mvidner)
Feature #302159, revision 57
Title: zypper: Add option to only download packages (-d)

openSUSE-10.3: Rejected by Stanislav Visnovsky (visnov)
reject date: 2007-06-19 14:19:54
reject reason: Postponing.
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Important

openSUSE-11.0: Rejected by Stanislav Visnovsky (visnov)
reject date: 2008-04-04 14:32:54
reject reason: Running out of time, postponing.
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Important

openSUSE-11.1: Rejected by Stanislav Visnovsky (visnov)
reject date: 2008-07-11 22:23:41
reject reason: Postponing.
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Important

openSUSE-11.2: Done
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Important

Requested by: Jiri Srain (jsrain)

rug has a '-d' option which causes it only download packages, not to
install them. zypper does not have one.
to make use of such options (download packages and install them later)
zypp must be able to keep the packages downloaded and use them later
instead of downloading them again (eg. some kind of persistent cache).

See also feature #300747 and #305624

Test Case:
* Run zypper with: zypper install --download-only [package]
* Subsequent "zypper install [package]" (without --download-only)
should not download the package again, just install it.
* This should work with install, update, dist-upgrade, patch, and
verify commands

#2: Ján Kupec (jkupec) (2007-06-05 13:43:33) (reply to #1)
First, we must have a clue how to do it :O)

#5: Michael Andres (mlandres) (2007-06-18 13:21:51) (reply to #2)
We need a persistent package cache, where packages are indexed by MD5,
SHA. Commit has to be rewritten to separate download and install code
(still offering alternating download/install or download all then
install). And we need some cache cleanup policies.
But we probabely don't want to do this before we know the refactored
zypp runs smoothly, so I would not promise this for 10.3

#8: Federico Lucifredi (flucifredi) (2007-06-18 15:48:59) (reply to
As an aside, indexing will cause you probelsm with blind-revisioned
packages, depending on how you implement it.

#4: Duncan Mac-Vicar (dmacvicar) (2007-06-18 09:19:27) (reply to #3)
This means changing the commit, and we can only do that if we are ahead
of time with the other changes.

#6: Jiri Srain (jsrain) (2007-06-18 14:40:08)
Duncan, Michael, thanks!
Stano, please, postpone for 11.0.

#7: Federico Lucifredi (flucifredi) (2007-06-18 15:46:55)
Lets not forget that 70%+ of OpenSUSE users have broadband according to
the survey, which means this is a marginal advantage, albeit a nice one
(I imagine, users who are charged by the bit, and advanced users doing
who-knows-what will take advantage of the ability to retrieve packages
from the cache).

#13: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2009-03-01 17:02:04) (reply to #7)
Broadband is actually a pretty broad term, and so the survey item
probably did not have much value.

#10: Stanislav Visnovsky (visnov) (2007-11-23 11:26:31)
zypper improvements, commit re-factoring.

#14: Elmar Stellnberger ATK (estellnb) (2009-03-26 13:04:40)
One advantage will be that packages can be inspected by a prog. such as
mc in advance to installation or to manually take them apart by
rpm2cpio. Sometimes it is necessary to add special rpm-installation
options as --excludepath or --excludedocs to install several versions
of a single package for downward compatibility. Furthermore in
combination with an upcoming --arch switch it may enable to download
packages on a server to be installed on another system/machine. f.i.
the ati repo can not be browsed via http so that it is necessary to
download packages from it via zypper rather than a web browser.

#17: Michael Andres (mlandres) (2009-07-21 12:30:27)
libzypp-6.11.0 allows to set different download policies in
ZYppCommitPolicy (DownloadOnly, DownloadInAdvance, DownloadInHeaps,

#19: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich) (2009-08-12 13:02:52) (reply to #17)
As in factory zypper is 1.2.2 as of now:
I searched how to handle ZYppCommitPolicy - I didn't find any
documentation about. Shouldn't there?

#20: Ján Kupec (jkupec) (2009-08-12 13:35:58) (reply to #19)
Please read more thoroughly. Comment #17 does not mention zypper, but
libzypp. It was an information for developers using libzypp. As for
zypper, the only thing that has been added in regard of commit policy
so far, is the --download-only option, but in 1.2.3, not 1.2.2! It will
be documented in zypper's man page, and its help texts (e.g. zypper
help install).

+ #23: Martin Vidner (mvidner) (2009-08-27 16:09:51) (reply to #20)
+ I have bumped the version to zypper-1.2.3 (in home:mvidner, SRI 19048
+ to zypp:Head). It implements --download-only.

#18: Ján Kupec (jkupec) (2009-07-27 15:22:59)
Done also in zypper (--download-only/-d added to several commands). To
be in zypper 1.2.3

#22: Ralph Ulrich (ulenrich) (2009-08-26 13:26:52) (reply to #18)
zypper version halted at 1.2.2 ever since?
I would really like this feature in openSUSE-11.2
And status is done for openSUSE-11.2

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