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[openFATE 305658] Official USB stick images
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 10:42:00 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <feature-305658-50@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Matt Barringer (mbarringer)
Feature #305658, revision 50
Title: Official USB stick images

openSUSE-11.2: Evaluation
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Stephan Binner (beineri)

It would like to see openSUSE releases with official USB images (one
with KDE, one with GNOME) next to the Live-CDs.
As alternative the Live-CD images could be mastered in a way that they
also can boot from USB (afaik they are not able atm) together with a
small app/script to install them to USB - other distributions offer

#1: John Thomas (john_tomas) (2009-01-13 16:28:57)
Official USB images together with a small app/script to install them
would be extremely cool!!!
Anyway, since you said "afaik they are not able atm" i can tell that
there's 2 workarounds already
please see:
UNetbootin ( wich is actually
simple and easy
Portable Suse ( for wich there's
also a very good toturial at PenDrive Linux
Hope i've been of any help

#2: Martin Schlander (cb400f) (2009-01-15 22:15:45)
Just for clarification. The images should be installable, and
preferably tested on top selling netbooks. Usb-images with only live
capabilities "won't do".

#3: Maksym Grytsenko (maksymgrytsenko) (2009-01-16 14:28:55)
That would be nice! Lots of people already bought their netbooks, but
the ease of installation is not always obvious

#4: Andrey S (seld) (2009-01-16 15:12:02)
This is a very good idea, since some notebooks don't even have a CD/DVD-
drive (including mine), so sometimes you are unable to install from the
CD and have to rely on unofficial live-USB guides.

#5: Marcus Moeller (marcusmoeller) (2009-01-16 20:34:13)
kiwi already allows usb installations.

#6: hou ghi (houghi) (2009-01-17 11:16:02)
This will not only be interesting for portables. I would rather use a
USB key then burn a CD/DVD that I then trow away when the new version
comes out. I believe this was also partly duscussed on FOSDEM last
year. If all images would be available for download, this would be
nice. Otherwise my preference would be Network, DVD version (4GB), Live
CD's. Software to place the images on the USB stick must be available
for Linux in GUI and CLI and also for Windows.
Then instead of a flashlight in the boxed set, you could put a USB key
in the boxed set.

#7: Jimmy Berry (boombatower) (2009-01-18 10:40:56)
SUSE Studio support a RAW format that can just be placed on a USB stick
using dd. That would work for me...expect that you can't install from

#8: Armin Moradi (amoradi) (2009-01-19 16:30:29)
I think a software (GUI preferred) to make a live USB stick is not only
a good idea, but a necessary one. I, too, would like to stick in my USB
stick rather than burning another CD/DVD. Plus, KIWI method is not so
obvious for new users, and SUSEstudio is not yet public.

#9: Greg Kroah-Hartman (gregkh) (2009-01-20 05:05:01)
So if we just turn the .iso live-cd images into usb images that can be
copied with 'dd' to the stick, that's all that would be needed?

#10: Tristan Hoffmann (tristanhoffmann) (2009-01-20 16:25:24)
What about a yast module that makes it possbile to create openSUSE USB-
Sticks? You have to think about people, who don't know what dd is, the
normal users.
It should be done in 3 Clicks ("Create openSUSE bootable USB Stick",
Select the right USB device and "Yes, I am sure").

#13: Eric Springer (erikina) (2009-01-22 23:57:03) (reply to #10)
As long as this isn't a replacement for a xplatform, xdistro solution.

#11: Todd R (theblackcat) (2009-01-22 22:05:28)
Would it be possible for a single USB stick image to be both bootable
and be able to be launched in a virtual machine inside another OS?

#12: Eric Springer (erikina) (2009-01-22 23:55:41) (reply to #11)
Probably not a great spot for such questions, but the answer is yes. A
virtual machine is just that, it emulates a real machine. So if it
doesn't work, it would be a bug in the virtual machine. (But I'm not
aware of such bugs)

#14: Eric Springer (erikina) (2009-01-23 00:03:52)
I personally like the idea of a "usb image". Something that can be
directly copied (dd'd) onto a USB. We can make a couple simple GUI
tools around it (for linux and windows) or perhaps extend some current
burning programs. It offers the most flexibility (instead of some
solution that's tied to a particular file system / weird booting
Right now many distros accomplish bootable USBs in very different ways,
but I think a "usb image" could become standard very quickly, which
really would be nice. And while I'm dreaming, perhaps OBS could produce
the .img's as a first class citizen alongside our iso's.

+ #20: Matt Barringer (mbarringer) (2009-04-16 10:41:09) (reply to #14)
+ The openSUSE:/Tools:/Devel/ repository has kiwitools-imagewriter, which
+ is a cross-platform GUI for writing raw images, as SUSE Studio creates,
+ to USB devices. Currently it only works on Linux and OSX, but I'll get
+ Windows support working one of these days.

#15: Stephan Kulow (coolo) (2009-02-09 15:37:26)
Our 11.1 live cds can be used as USB images (see bug#441278). Anything
else is a bug.
For the future we might provide USB images that can be used as full
system - without install option. But I don't see us providing any kind
of GUI tools, leave alone to windows users. So I think this feature is
done. Does someone want to check our wiki pages to make sure it does
not state misinformations about the "live cds can be used as USB

#16: Christian Jäger (eet) (2009-04-13 14:58:43)
I'm sorry, Stephan, but this answer can be seen as arrogant. If it is
so simple, WHY are there so many people asking how in the world to make
a bootable openSUSE USB stick and why, if it all should be so simple,
are the related how-tos so very, very complicated? If it really were so
that openSUSE Live-CD images could be used as USB-images, why is there
NO indication of that on the openSUSE websites whatsoever?
The how-tos on your wiki provide horribly complicated step-by-step
guides on how to use Kiwi to create usb-images! And then they point to
external guides for the conversion of live-CD images into live-USB
images. And - what surprise -, these guides are also horribly
complicated and nowhere near the ease-of-use your answer to this
feature requests implies. Fact is, Ubuntu does it right, why can't
openSUSE? Please, don't dismiss feature requests that easily in the
future! It really comes across as being user-unfriendly, bordering on

#17: Stephan Kulow (coolo) (2009-04-15 15:00:00) (reply to #16)
"why can't openSUSE?" - I can tell you: I asked if someone wants to
check the wiki pages and noone did. That is why. openSUSE users don't
act, they only blame others.
And it's not "your wiki", it's openSUSE's wiki - everyone can edit it.
But of course it's easier to make openFATE a flaming forum.

#18: Christian Jäger (eet) (2009-04-15 23:16:17)
I checked the Wiki pages and there is nothing that to indicate that and
how openSUSE Live-CD images can be used for bootable USB-keys. That
nobody outside that specific discussion on bugzilla seems to know about
this possiblity is so typical of a seemingly chaotic project
management. I'm sorry but you cannot blame that on users. I highly
respect community and Novell developers alike, but if you develop a
feature you have to tell people about it. How senselessly frustrating
it is, if creating usb-images from Live-CDs actually works (it doesn't
work for me) while everybody thinks openSUSE is the last distribution
NOT allowing for easy USB-system creation.
It is no use, if something is technically possible but nobody tells
users that it is and how to do it. Stupid and selfish users 'not
checking wiki pages and telling you nothing's there' is really no
excuse for a failed project management here. Sorry, I love openSUSE but
sometimes I find remarks by Novell staff here and on bugzilla to
dismiss user complaints all too easily.

#19: Christian Jäger (eet) (2009-04-15 23:18:33)
Oh, and what use it is that I can edit the wiki pages? I have no idea
how to convert those Live-CD images into USB-images; or at least my
attempts at doing that failed. If you know how to, please let us know!

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