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[openFate 304889] needs_relogin/needs_reboot as a generic flag
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 11:16:58 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <feature-304889-22@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Thomas Göttlicher <tgoettlicher@xxxxxxxxxx>
Feature #304889, revision 22
Title: needs_relogin/needs_reboot as a generic flag

openSUSE-11.1: Candidate
Requester: Neutral
Projectmanager: Mandatory

Requested by: Stanislav Brabec <sbrabec@xxxxxxxxxx>
Partner organization:

There are situations, where relogin or reboot are needed to activate
* package updates
* proxy settings
Now this situation is not done in a consistent way (silently ignoring
problem, note in help, abuse of License entry, pop-up...).
Providing a common way for setting these flags (via package provides,
YaST calls, sysconfig comments) (and maybe comment what will happen
ignoring it) would help in user experience (user is notified about need
of relogin/reboot in a consistent way and only once) and administration
(automatic relogin or reboot during maintenance window).

#1: Stanislav Visnovsky <visnov@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-06-26 14:15:12)
needs_reboot is properly handled by our tools. needs_relogin does not

#2: Jiri Srain <jsrain@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-07-07 10:46:59) (reply to #1)
We handle reboot only for package management not for anything else (the
question is whether it is relevant somewhere else), thus we will need
to have a more generic solution.
Martin, would you, please, have a look and suggest a generic handler?

#3: Stanislav Brabec <sbrabec@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-07-09 15:26:16)
needs_relogin would be useful in these situations:
* New package, which provides file in /etc/profile.d was installed (or
/etc/profile.d was singnificantly modified by the update). Example:
* Packages, that cause that /etc/profile will evaluate environment.
Example: Install any KDE application in GNOME only system. /opt/kde3 is
not in PATH until next login
* Patches, that affect login related programs. Example: security update
of ssh-agent or gnome-keyring
* YaST settings, that cause environment variable changes. Example:
System proxy settings

#4: Duncan Mac-Vicar <dmacvicar@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-07 22:06:14)
Stefan, how is restart and reboot currently handled in packagekit, what
would we need for relogin?

#5: Duncan Mac-Vicar <dmacvicar@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-07 22:06:58)
(note, ZYpp parts are already done, applications missing )

#6: Stefan Haas <shaas@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-08 09:55:52)
PackageKit has three different types for reboot/restart: -Restart
System -Restart Application -Restart Session

#7: Duncan Mac-Vicar <dmacvicar@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-11 17:25:11)
Stefan Haas will adapt code from PackageKit to support this flag.

#8: Duncan Mac-Vicar <dmacvicar@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-11 17:25:57)
Thomas, does the KDE applet handle the relogin needed flag from

#10: Thomas Göttlicher <tgoettlicher@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-13 14:27:08)
(reply to #8)
kde4-kupdateapplet listens to PackageKit's restart signal since version

#9: Duncan Mac-Vicar <dmacvicar@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-11 17:26:53)
Ladislav, is are the current flags in YaST handled in pkg-bindings?

#11: Ladislav Slezak <lslezak@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-20 12:16:02) (reply
to #9)
I just have committed the support for Patch::reloginSuggested() flag in
yast SVN. It will be in yast2-pkg-bindings-2.17.8.
I guess we also need some support in YCP... Jiri?

#12: Jiří­ Suchomel <jsuchome@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-21 15:19:11)
Thomas/Stefan: which message does the applet show? I think we should
try to show the same one in YaST and zypper.
(BTW, zypper should be adapted as well -> Jano)

#13: Thomas Göttlicher <tgoettlicher@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-21 17:20:24)
(reply to #12)
kupdateapplet shows "Please reboot your system as soon as possible." or
"Please relogin into your system as soon as possible.". If PackageKit
provides details, these details are shown too. Please let me know if
you prefer other strings.

#14: Jiří­ Suchomel <jsuchome@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-22 09:36:44) (reply
to #13)
So I'm going to use this one "At least one of the updates installed
requires restart of the session. Relogin into your system as soon as
I removed the "Please" intentionally, as such wording should not be
used (I assume it can be found is the text style guide) and added kind
of explanation sentence (similar is used by YaST in similar

+ #15: Thomas Göttlicher <tgoettlicher@xxxxxxxxxx> (2008-08-22 11:16:33)
+ (reply to #14)
+ I've removed the "please", too. Thanks for your hint.

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