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[opensuse-factory] Closing The Leap Gap Weekly Update Meeting 09.10.2020
Closing the Leap Gap - Weekly Update
All meeting minutes can be found here:
New Meeting location:
(Friday 11:30 CEST)


Attendees (please add yourself): guillaumeg, lkocman, rudi, adrian,
fcrozat, behlert, sbarth, sbahling, wolfgang, meissner, wgao, jsrain,

1.0 Project plan:

2.0 Schedule:

3.0 Priority items and blockers

- Update tree ATM almost 3-times larger than GA project, no bsc# ATM,
Lubos and PM were informed - [Migration][Build
209.2] openQA test fails in register_system - is not

4.0 Updates from individual teams

4.1 openSUSE Leap Release Management
Owner: Lubos Kocman

Feature Requests for SLE on SUSE Labs. It's going to be public on
youtube (SUSE LABS channel).
Two talks about Leap Next and Why should be companies interested in
Leap Next.

Rename of the product to Leap 15.2.1 including images happened this
Initial Maintenance setup was done by Adrian. This should unblock SCC
team. Potential ECR blocker was resolved.

SCC setup is ready for Jump 15.2.1 so migration team should be
So far it seems like we'l have to fork about 40 packages for which CtLG
features already are or will be implemented in SP3. It will be bit less
as some are just request to add build dependency to SLE without any
code change.

**News: we have a weekly review meeting with screen-sharing for all
openSUSE Leap Feature requests on Mondays 13:30 - 13:50 UTC | 15:30-
15:50 CEST @
Everybody is welcome to join!**

4.2. openSUSE Leap Release Engineering
Owner: Max Lin, Guillaume, Michel

Spend most of time on renaming product to Leap 15.2.1

Guillaume: ARM
no news compared to last week
* FPC will be updated again in 15.2:Update with a fix for some
aarch64 machines
* VLC is missing on aarch64: pushed
toLeap:15.2:Update. Will be processed after release. Marcus just
released the update.

* 32-bit ARMv7: Lubos to talk to PM. Meanwhile Guillaume will drive
the planning effort
Rudi: there is only one single box in IBS that can do ARM-32bit so
there would be veto from Autobuild team.
Adrian: it would have to be done retrospectively for SP0.
Adrian: either we have to rebuild SLE as it's inherited or simplify it
and risk the different build results. Or simply fork Factory.
Rudi: Ports for Jump? e.g. for RISC-V in the future.

Lubos will make sure that Guillaume has access to
so we can ask our Users what's their usecases for 32bit ARM.

I will be in vacation until 28/10.
for Jump:
ppc64le not working on bare metal I just created a
sr Review granted

docker_runc test failed for ppc64le
docker-19.03.11_ce-lp152.1.4.ppc64le for Leap15.2 update not present
in Jump15.2
no update after email sent to Package Hub team.

java test failure
for ppc64le/x86_64:
java-1_8_0-openjdk-devel- for Leap15.2 not present in Jump15.2
no update after email sent to Package Hub team.
For aarch64 need also merge of

podman issue: the openqa/registry differences
^ command 'podman pull
ers/opensuse/leap:Jump:15.2' failed , 1) once we had the container
images then we will know the right path 2) Jump:15.2 here is VERSION
variable on openQA, we need to correct it in the openqa test
just created issue Fabian
started work on it, but openQA tests blocked by "Maintenance setup for Jump"

Max: Michel can you please get me the link for systemd-network issue?

Let's get a list of packages that have to be rebuild in Jump as they
still contain branding (should not be that many). These packages should
have a CtLG Feature requests in Still pending
lkocman: to open task in progress-o-o

Adrian already re-published project manually but there is still some
work left to have it "implemented". Still pending. Lubos: to check o
the opensuse-admin issue.

4.3 SLE Release Management
Owner: Alex Herzig, Stefan Weiberg

Not present.

4.4 Autobuild
Owner: RĂ¼diger Oertel Adrian Schroeter

Update tree issue (see above)
Sources and debug trees were not yet moved to the current snapshot of
Rename of product broke the update scripts and caused issues with

3rd thing, Adrian needs to implement some nice way of handling
patchinfo. zypper up patch would not catch them. Only zypper up would
handle it.

Scott: Package Hub has the same issue with patchinfo. We'd like to see
it fixed as well.
Adrian: it has to be implemented first. It seems to be more easy to
implement for Patchinfo. We need a script that re-does repository for

TBD: sync of internal to external comments on mirrored submissions

Adrian: who will be signoff interlock

Transfer of comments from IBS requests back to OBS submit requests to
SLE needs to get implemented.
^ Is resolved by Adrian. openSUSE Jump project needs to be made as part
of the official Product list in OBS.

Adrian: Marco has finished the version for the request cloning.

SLE requested triggered by openSUSE community (request comes from

Marcus mentioned that user employees should not be trackable.
For embargoed issues it would be a topic, but if it's coming from
outside, that's not really issues.
We need to make sure that users are aware of the syncing.
Marcus: none of the bots leak confidential information.
Comments need to be anonymized.
Adrian: I'll talk to speak to Marco to add a text to submission so it's
clear that request is synced to OBS.
Marcus: Single line banner would be useful for our employees.

Fixed the sync to ftp-stage by reverting the iso naming scheme from
15.2.1 back to 15.2.
Do we really need the 15.2.1 number, it's seems to be just problematic
and we do not use it anywhere in deliverable names etc.

Adrian still need to provide SLE maintenance updates in a form of
consumable ftp tree in form of installation.
Adrian needs confirmation from PM that they're okay with his proposal.

Marco is working on the osc packtrack which should help us to see
product changes that happened in between builds or over some period of

4.5 Maintenance
Owner: Stephan Barth

Marcus will reach out to QAM regarding the test setup.

Maintenance setup for Jump/Leap 15.2.1
Marcus: needs to know how to set it up, so we can setup announce tools.

We don't have test-updates at this tome.
Marcus: one test project for openSUSE:Jump it's
openSUSE:Jump:15.2.1:Update. we're currently blocked on repo-layout
decision, which is blocked on geo-location/ECR.

Backports are currently the best effort for Updates. We might need to
revisit backports.
Lubos and Woflgang will create documentation about handling Backports
submit requests until next Friday. This is currently gray area for
openSUSE release team.

The current way we think is that we would aggregate updates from SLE,
openSUSE Backports and Jump for any branding/pattern/000*
changes. This could be perhaps then aggregated to a single repository,
so user does not end up with subscribing to 3 different repositories.

Marcus: the backports parts seem to be weird, because the backports
repo has a lower quality. -
reference to
Marcus is currently concerned about quality of the backports as there
is no openQA

Marcus agrees on the mini-interlock idea currently aiming signoff to
mid of October 2020.
Stefan is fine with mini interlock proposal as well.

4.6 Security
Owner: Marcus Meissner

Waiting for final repositories, openQA set-up will follow. Adrian: 2 of
3 repos are ready, should unblock.
No progress on SecureBoot issues.

Lubos to schedule meeting with Max Lin, Marcus, Lubos, Guillaume.

No security concerns at this moment.
Secure boot: will we use SUSE signed bootloader, since we use SUSE
signed shim, kernel, grub2.
We will use SLE bootloader. If we'd rebuild it will be a problem.

What about Virtualbox which is is signed just by openSUSE key.
We should have perhaps shim which allows to load both signatures, or
kernel that allows both signatures.

Max the problem si about kernel config and KMPs. SLE kernel has pretty
strict lockdown.
mockbuild dialog during boot could be an option.

Lubos to reach out to kernel team.
4.7 Package Hub
Owner: Wolfgang Engel, Scott Bahling

Discussion about contributions Package Hub/Leap. Initiator was the
linking of Jump/Leap and Backport repositories.

Future of PackageHub. Could we choose packages from the new
distribution based on criteria that these are packages that we would
like to install and would not disrupt SLE.

Lubos, Max, Guillaume, Michel, Ismail, Scott, and Wolfgang to have a
meeting to co-ordinate on Backports co-operation. Could perhaps current
backports stuff work on the distribution part for SLE? While openSUSE
release team would handle primarily incoming submissions. We'll have
meeting after Michel is back from FTO.

4.8 Beta Program
Owner: Vincent Moutoussamy

Not present

4.9 Engineering / Product Migration
Owner: Jiri Srain

No update

4.10 Engineering - Kernel
Owner: Libor Pechacek

Not present
Still discussing the preempt variants and flavors of SLE and Leap

4.11 Engineering - Desktop
Owner: Frederic Crozat

Some CtlG features needed re-submit by developers. Autumn festival is
finished in China, we are getting fixes again.

New plymouth was accepted in 15-SP3, including CtlG submission, this
should be used for Jump. Other CtlG features are being integrated in
SLE atm.

4.12 Quality Assurance / Migrations
Owner: Marita Werner, Heiko, Wei Gao

Today is first day at work after Holiday.
Another issue after registration. boo#1177506

4.13 SLE Architect
Owner: Thorsten Kukuk

Not present
4.14 Marketing and Community management
Owner: Douglas DeMaio (on leave)

No update

4.15 Gerald
Owner: Gerald ;-)

Not present
4.16 Product Management
Owner: Stefan Behlert

No update

5.0 Other topics

General question: Should we move Backports to an official update area
in the FTP server?
Should we generate the update tree directly in IBS (topic for future)?
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