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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: /tmp as tmpfs
Carlos E. R. wrote:
People are using /tmp, not software, to store things, and some of them
can be gigabytes. We really do not want that to go into ram.

And then software use /tmp for things like downloads. Like firefox.

Then, there are people that do not reboot their machines in days, or
months. It doesn't help to have all that in ram, nor to not have old
files deleted before a reboot.
You are right.

Currently my /tmp directory has 5.5 Gbytes, 207 Mbytes are from today.
One of the biggest /tmp subfolders is the temporary download folder from
Firefox (/tmp/mozilla_user0).

The tmpfiles Systemd cleanup job does not really cleanup much files,
because some desktop programs update the "atime" of all files in the
current directory in their "Save as ..." and "Open ..." dialogs. I
already discussed this issue with Lennart Poettering and he does not see
what Systemd can do with this issue.

I am not sure, if I will go for a tmpfs /tmp directory. If I run the PC
for multiple days (with suspend-to-disk), the /tmp directory may grow to
1 Gbyte and I do not want to waste my available RAM.

Of course, these arguments only count for the desktop.

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