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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: /tmp as tmpfs
On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 12:37:02PM +0200, Richard Brown wrote:
On Fri, 2020-07-10 at 12:26 +0200, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

/tmp is one of the weirder places in a system.

It is nice that FHS says it is not persistent across reboots, but if
you have a
workstation or server which is "never" (or at least, seldomly)
rebooted, the
directory can still fill up - and take away RAM from both oneself and

Firefox for example has the very bad habit of dumping all its .xpi
downloads into /tmp, and not cleaning them.

Users have bad habit :^) in abusing /tmp as the shortest way to store
a file in
a known location for some time - because any other location would be
(but /tmp might be too heh) and the path much longer.

The POSIX standard (aka IEEE P1003.2) makes it a hard requirement that
any application should not assume that /tmp is persistant between
*application executations* never mind between reboots.

I do not think we should be catering for use cases that totally breach
the oldest core tenants of how things should be done.

/tmp shouldn't be persistant, keeping the contents around in memory
until the next reboot is still generous.

At some point we should reserve the right to just say 'no' to
horrifically bad practice. I feel this is one of those cases,
especially as even conserative platforms like Debian made this jump
years ago.

I believe Jan's point was something different: that even if an
application does not expect its files in /tmp to persist between runs,
it can still leave files behind when it finishes - either out of
negligence or because it was terminated unexpectedly without proper
cleanup. On systems with long times between reboots (tens of days or
even more), one can accumulate quite a lot of stuff in /tmp.

Michal Kubecek
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