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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: /tmp as tmpfs

On Friday 2020-07-10 11:49, Richard Brown wrote:

Hello community,

We recently moved MicroOS and Kubic to use tmpfs for /tmp instead of
writing files there to disk.

Does anyone have any objections, concerns, thoughts?

I am not saying it's bad, but I can't be warmed for it either... read on.

/tmp is one of the weirder places in a system.

It is nice that FHS says it is not persistent across reboots, but if you have a
workstation or server which is "never" (or at least, seldomly) rebooted, the
directory can still fill up - and take away RAM from both oneself and other

Firefox for example has the very bad habit of dumping all its .xpi file
downloads into /tmp, and not cleaning them.

Users have bad habit :^) in abusing /tmp as the shortest way to store a file in
a known location for some time - because any other location would be persistent
(but /tmp might be too heh) and the path much longer.

SUSE systems used to have/have a cron job that would sweep /tmp every day and
look for files 7 days or older and purge them, which I believe is still a good
compromise considering the above longevity of /tmp _even if_ it were

Another thought that crossed my mind is making systemd set up a PrivateTmp for
login sessions, i.e. make /tmp a bind mount to the users home dir, so it does
actually account towards their disk quota.
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