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Re: [opensuse-factory] Closing The Leap Gap Weekly Update Meeting 22.05.2020
Hello Crhstian,

that's true, the changes make sense in the etherpad, but I might need
to do cleanup before sending an email.

Thanks for raising this. Also sorry for today's notes :-(


On Sat, 2020-05-23 at 12:22 +0200, Christian Boltz wrote:

Am Freitag, 22. Mai 2020, 23:57:44 CEST schrieb Lubos Kocman:
Closing the Leap Gap - Weekly Update
All meeting minutes can be found here:

Thanks for sharing the minutes.

I had a deja-vu more than once when reading them ;-) - and finally
some time to dig out some older minutes. Diffing them to the latest
explain that deja-vu: large sections are just copied over to the

I understand this makes sense for all the links at the beginning,
IMHO it wastes the time of the readers in the other sections. (As a
random example, the section starting with "Yast package dependency
kernel on i586 has been resolved." made it into the minutes the 4th

To give some numbers: when diffing the 2020-05-15 and 2020-05-22
I see 79 added lines, 42 removed lines - and 308 unchanged. There
even 188 lines unchanged when compared to the 2020-04-22 minutes.

Can you please make the minutes less repeating? ;-)

(Another option would be to read my mails using /usr/bin/diff, but
that's a not-so-common mail client ;-)


Christian Boltz
[GUI vs. Command-Line] Einen ähnlichen Streit wird es in 20 Jahren
auch geben, wenn die "2D-Screenfanatiker" auf die "VR Fans" losgehen
und wieder ein Streit vom Zaun bricht der an Sinnfreiheit kaum zu
überbieten ist. [Phillip Richdale in suse-linux]

Best regards

Luboš Kocman

Release Manager openSUSE Leap

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(HRB 36809, AG Nürnberg)
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