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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE Release Engineering Meeting 27.05.2020
## Participants

Dominique Leuenberger, Lubos Kocman, Gerald Pfeifer, Max Lin, Michel

## Leap

Switch of openSUSE Leap to RC phase will be announced tomorrow.
Jump project was officially handed off from AdrianS to openSUSE Relese
team yesterday.

Ludwig: the queue of Adi is huge. What happens with these requests?
Todo: Lubos to double check with Max about what to do with these.
So far Max plans to reject Adi submissions which won't make it.

## openSUSE Tumbleweed

* Dominique is on vacation

## ddemaio

* Jump and Leap videos online
* Editing Virtual Summit videos
* openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference will move online. Decision made by
organzers (CfP will remain open on events.o.o.). News about the shift
to online will be released next week
* sway talk got popularity (we might want to fucus on this). Lubos to
reach out to Dennis about next steps.

## Dirk
Not available.

## Guillaume
* qemu 4.2+ bug with sound recording (required by openQA): Fix will
be sent soon to Factory and SLE/Leap
* GNOME wayland issue (x86 is also affected as it depends on virtio-
* GNOME X11 has some issues:
* podman 1.9.0 bug:
Leap 15.2:
* aarch64 has still some bugs, but the same as x86_64

## Gerald
Not available

## Max

Not on the call.
* Switched binutils to Factory by a mistake in origin-manager, reverted
* Squashing down build fails and build unresolvables
* Switch to RC phase planned on May 28th (Thursday).

## Adrian - Jump

Started to work on feature for Request delagation (see meeting minutes
from last meeting).
Feature is aimed to be implemented by end of this week. Sync of Jump
with Leap is not #1 priority at this moment. The main goal is to make
sure tooling and workflows are working.

## Michel
openQA Issue poo#62216 with docker on both Leap and Tumbleweed
other quota test issue#67318
PowerPC TW, openQA tests working again for ppc64 (BE)
and ppc64le investigating pending tests failures.

## Richard
On vacation
golang-packaging maintanance update got accepted this should unblock
k8s networking in openSUSE Leap.

## Tom
Not available.
Not major changes these weeks; we are fixing up the py2 drop fallout
For Leap we are trying to fix the python-docker for containers fun and
dephell stack for modern pyproject.toml using python modules to work.
For the Tumbleweed we plan to make people worried and send an openssl
3.x for staging integration.

## Wolfgang
Not available.

## Ludwig
MicroOS 15.2 managed to go through the devel process.
openQA is green. Setup is in place, including aarch64

## Overview of Commmunity SLE Feature Requests (See details in

(This section will be newly part of ReleaseEngineering meeting minutes)

* lqxt-build-tools update to 0.7.0 (PM-1914) - Pending TPM Evaluation
- Not shipped in SLE, no ECO needed. Pending TPM evaluation and

* add authselect for managing auth stack configuration (PM-1881) -
Pending PM Evaluation
- Aiming for 15 SP3

* Please update mypaint-brushes and libmypaint blocks mypaint update
(SLE-12244) - DONE
- Submission done (SLE library was named mypaint-brushes-1 unlike in
Leap). Thanks to Scott Reeves!

* Update python-typing_extensions to 3.7.4 (PM-1833) - 1/2 DONE
- Submissions against 15 SP2 are ready
- python-typing,
superseded by Accepted
- python-typing_extensions Under review
- pinged maintainer and TL

* Update golang-packaging to 15.0.12 (PM-1826) - DONE
- CaasP Released on Wednesday last week. Jeff will submit golang-
packaging this week.
- (SLE-15 maint update)
- (SLE-12 maint update)
- I did messaged maintenance about priority of the request.

* Update purple-rocketchat to version 0.0+hg20200403 (PM-1829) -
- SR against SLE-15-SP2 was submitted

* Update libcdio required by python-pycdio 2.1.0 and whipper (PM-1801)
- Next release
- Will be deferred to the next release (15 SP3) as it does not
qualify as a SLE 15 SP2 RC phase request. Change requires rebuild of
underlying dependencies. Namely: cdio-utils.spec, ffmpeg.spec,
gstreamer-plugins-ugly.spec, gvfs.spec, libcddb.spec, libcdio,
paranoia.spec, libcdio.spec, vcdimager.spec

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