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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE Release Engineering Meeting 13.05.2020
## Participants
Lubos, Dominique, Doug, Max, Adrian, Guillaume, Gerald

## Leap

* Tier1 deliverable policy from Dirk
Looking for a more feedback

* Good news regarding the CTLG features for GNOME. All medium and low
complexity tickets were finished in time for the Public RC2 deadline.
Now only high complexity tickets are left, that are targeted for 15
SP3. The remainder of milestones for 15 SP2 will be used for resolving
bugs and issues and work proactively on the high complexity tickets.

* openSUSE Leap upgrade from 15.1 to 15.2 is reporting downgrade of
sysconfig (Thanks to Darix for raising the issue)

Backporting of change from Factory to SLE (bsc#1171495) has a negative
feedback from Thorsten. Previous discussion about the issue can be
found here

Seems like we have a conflict of opinions and our time window of when
we can still change something in SP2/Leap 15.2 is getting short.

As per Thorsten's comment I did already open an RFE for
openSUSE release tools to ignore conflict on %ghost files.

Marius suggests to re-link sysconfig in Leap from SLE

* kernel in Leap vs SLE discussion with Takashi and Libor

## openSUSE Tumbleweed

* New brp-check-suse now relinks everything relative; makes things
easier to inspect chroots
* GCC 10 is reaching 'ready to merge' -we expect 2 more weeks. Once
merged, this will have to trigger a full rebuild of the distro
* There are some large packages like LibreOffice that could really
profit from build-compare (as it also randomly fails to build / times
out, the rebuild trigger often kicks it for no other reason than to
sync up)

## ddemaio
* 15.2 release announcement being translated
* Virtual Summit video and audio issues with Dolby, Patrick contacting
* openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference Meeting on status of either cancel,
postponement or alternative structure. (Will continue to keep CfP open)

## Dirk

Started to work on policy related to Tier1 distribution supportability.

## Guillaume
* aarch64 openQA worker hosted in NUE has been fixed quickly when it
broke 2 weeks ago. Thanks to all involved!
* Cloud based ARM workers have been added for testing (1 AWS A1
working properly, 1 ThunderX2 with performances issues under
investigation (NUMA related?) and also tests on real hardware with
Raspberry Pi 2 and 3) => Add a story on news.o.o? +1 (please check
news-o-o github repo it has explanation in it)
Tumbleweed: (same as previous week)
* GNOME wayland issue (x86 is also affected as it depends on virtio-
* GNOME X11 has some issues:
* podman 1.9.0 bug:
Leap 15.2:
* armv7 is still missing ghc: We didn't have ghc-
bootstrap for armv7 on leap 15.1 so bootstrap will be painful. So,
probably no armv7 ghc for Leap 15.2.
* aarch64 has still some bugs, but the same as x86_64
Lubos to contact owner of ghc-bootstrap. Seems like some community
people may have stepped down from maintainership.
Ludwig: in worst case let's disable (Exclusive/Exclude arch) haskel for
32bit Arm. Perhaps Scott Bahling might be interested.

## Gerald

No update

## Max

ffmpeg3 -> ffmpeg in SLE (version difference).
Lubos: open a feature request to update ffmpeg in SLE

kernel-rt newly in Leap due to MicroOS

## Adrian - Jump

No update from Jump side this week.

Pending OBS autobuild discussion regarding SLE/Leap contribution.
Lubos: to schedule a meeting this or next week, based on the
attendance. (Rudi, Lars, Adrian, Ismail).

OBS/Data protection detail: we might need to disable users not logged
in for more than 2 years. We might end up without maintainers for
certain packages/devel projects.

## Michel
PowerPC Leap15.2 nothing special, last build 236.2 published
PowerPC TW, openQA tests failed for ppc64 (BE) because of Swig package
failure, boo#1171368
and ppc64le because of mozjs68 package build failure, pending work on

## Richard
Kubernetes upsteam deciding about LTS releases, either 1.16 or 1.19
seem to be the candiates. Kubic will package whichever is decided.
Tumbleweed Kubic/MicroOS to Kubic/MicroOS-Next testing proving
difficult due to not being able to copy the approach done for
Tumbleweed to Tumbleweed-Next
Working on the fallout of the improved packaging for busybox and its
viability for use with containers

## Tom
Not major changes these weeks; we are fixing up the py2 drop fallout
For Leap we are trying to fix the python-docker for containers fun and
dephell stack for modern pyproject.toml using python modules to work.
For the Tumbleweed we plan to make people worried and send an openssl
3.x for staging integration.

## Wolfgang

Not present.

## Ludwig

MicroOS 15.2 managed to go through the devel process. openQA is green.
Setup is in place. Next is aarch64

## Overview of Commmunity SLE Feature Requests (See details in

(This section will be newly part of ReleaseEngineering meeting minutes)

* lqxt-build-tools update
- Waiting for feedback from the requester (email)

* add authselect for managing auth stack configuration (PM-1881) -
Pending PM Evaluation
- Aiming for 15 SP3

* Please update mypaint-brushes and libmypaint blocks mypaint update
(SLE-12244) - ECO Approved, Code submitted
- Submission done (SLE library was named mypaint-brushes-1 unlike in
Leap). Thanks to Scott Reeves!

* Update python-typing_extensions to 3.7.4 (PM-1833) - ECO Approved
- Pending submission

* Update golang-packaging to 15.0.12 (PM-1826) - ECO Approved
- CaasP Released on Wednesday last week. Jeff will submit golang-
packaging this week.

* Update purple-rocketchat to version 0.0+hg20200403 (PM-1829) - ECO
- Pending code submission

* Update libcdio required by python-pycdio 2.1.0 and whipper (PM-1801)
- ECO Rejected
- Will be deferred to the next release (15 SP3) as it does not
qualify as a SLE 15 SP2 RC phase request. Change requires rebuild of
underlying dependencies. Namely: cdio-utils.spec, ffmpeg.spec,
gstreamer-plugins-ugly.spec, gvfs.spec, libcddb.spec, libcdio,
paranoia.spec, libcdio.spec, vcdimager.spec

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