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Re: [opensuse-factory] How to kick rubygems packages which fails for absence of ruby2.7
On Fri, 2020-05-08 at 18:39 +0300, Mykola Krachkovsky wrote:

I have several [1] gem2rpm packages which were failed due to absence of
ruby2.7. But now ruby2.7 is in factory but they still fail. I've updated one
[2] package (just replaced gem and changed version in spec, nothing more) and
after that it have been built fine. But others still have error like [3]:
ruby2.7 is needed by rubygem-rspectacular-0.70.8-2.3.x86_64
rubygem(ruby:2.7.0:gem2rpm) is needed by rubygem-
rubygem(ruby:2.7.0:rdoc) > 3.10 is needed by rubygem-
And triggering rebuild (from site or `osc rebuild`) doesn't help. And that
happened before (ruby 2.5→2.6 update). Changing just spec file helps. I can't
be sure, but it looks like there is some cache which hasn't been updated, but
when spec file is changed it's dropped.

How to trigger rebuild of such packages correctly?


OBS is, for performance reasons, not always spreading all the changes
of prjconf macros directly (any change in Factory prjconf would trigger
hundreds of recalculations, in most projects for no single package
caring for it)

To get your project recalculated, the simplest way is to disable the
global build flag of the project, wait a few minutes, then re-enable
it. OBS should then get the prjconf changes adjusted and either
retrigger the builds directly, or you can retrigger them.

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