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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE Release Engineering Meeting 06.05.2020
## Participants

## FYI
We've moved from gotomeeting to

## Leap

Had a meeting with JIRA/workflow team in SUSE. Action items:
* Current SLE Feature request diagram for SUSE process / JIRA team as a
prerequisite of determinig what would work best. Idea is to describe
existing process and highlight parts of the process which need
reworking. Fedora used a nice diagram like this for Factory-2.0 project
(reworking the infra).

So far I'm inclined to Partner request and standart SLE request.
Perhaps it can be simplified as in most cases development task is
already done. Let's see.

New Leap build today (tests look good, two more failures than previous
KDE confirmed that they can support Leap aarch64bit. Need to check with
Dirk on what are next steps to Tier1 support of ARMv8 (64bit).

## openSUSE Tumbleweed

* Switch to Ruby 2.7: all rubygems are currently built for Ruby 2.6 and
ruby 2.7; ruby 2.7 is the default (higher update-alternative priority).
Yast will use Ruby 2.7. A few packages like Vagrant are not compatible
yet (stay on 2.6)
* GNOME 3.36.2 was shipped
* KDE Applications 20.04.0; Plasma and Qt updates in the pipeline

## ddemaio
* 15.2 release announcement complete. SLE PM provided feedback. Sending
to marketing next -
* Virtual Summit on May 1 videos in post processing
* Looking at sponsorship of online events from community

## Dirk

Started to work on policy related to Tier1 distribution supportability.

## Guillaume
Not present

## Gerald

No update

## Max

Not present

## Adrian - Jump

No update on the technical side. Adrian is focusing on the Login issue.
Adrian had a talk about Jump on Friday. Adrian is aware of concern
regarding community SLE submissions.

Was not able to work. Let's discuss Jump/Sources (do they go to
backports or another project) topic on a separate meetingTomorrow
10:30-11:00 (

Ludwig: Did you considered building Leap media in IBS. Since it might
be easier this way for Release Engineering.
Adrian: openSUSE secret keys would have to be in IBS. It would also
look like he're hiding more stuff.
Ludwig: Lubos's life will be a nightmare with the fcurrent Jump
Lubos: I'll track this proposal variation in
## Michel
Leap - Michel was able to run through openQA set of tests, last build
233.1 published.
TW - Found an issue with Mesa driver, but correction in staging, so
wait for it on TW.

## Richard
No update. Richard had a talk about MicroOS on osvirtsmit

## Tom
Not available

## Wolfgang

Not present.

## Ludwig

Not much update from MicroOS 15.2. Setup is in place. Ludwig is
starting with the test cases.

## Overview of Commmunity SLE Feature Requests (See details in

(This section will be newly part of ReleaseEngineering meeting minutes)
* add authselect for managing auth stack configuration (PM-1881) - NEW
- Pending PM Evaluation
- Aiming for 15 SP3

* Please update mypaint-brushes and libmypaint blocks mypaint update
(SLE-12244) - ECO Approved, Code submitted
- Submission done (SLE library was named mypaint-brushes-1 unlike in
Leap). Thanks to Scott Reeves!

* Update python-typing_extensions to 3.7.4 (PM-1833) - ECO Under
- Pending only QA approval. QA messaged.

* Update golang-packaging to 15.0.12 (PM-1826) - ECO Approved
- Pending CaaSP release (mid this week) we can merge it right away
after. Big thanks to Richard, Jeff and CaasP team for making this

* Update purple-rocketchat to version 0.0+hg20200403 (PM-1829) - ECO
- Pending code submission

* Update libcdio required by python-pycdio 2.1.0 and whipper (PM-1801)
- ECO Rejected
- Will be deferred to the next release (15 SP3) as it does not
qualify as a SLE 15 SP2 RC phase request. Change requires rebuild of
underlying dependencies. Namely: cdio-utils.spec, ffmpeg.spec,
gstreamer-plugins-ugly.spec, gvfs.spec, libcddb.spec, libcdio,
paranoia.spec, libcdio.spec, vcdimager.spec

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