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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-project] Bringing Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise closer together - a proposal
On Donnerstag, 9. April 2020, 14:09:22 CEST wrote Stasiek Michalski:

The "pre-built binaries" and "SLE binaries" sound an awful lot like we
will not have the full package build transparency we enjoy right now.
Not particularly happy to hear that.

What do you mean with "build transparency" exactly?

The goal is definitive that the rebuild of any binary rpm should be
repeatable. Yes, it would not have been build in,
but it should have the same result (minus gpg signature) if doing so.

I agree that we need to verify that this is not just a goal, but indeed
the case.

Leap did become "the better SLE" overtime, so we should have seen
this coming a mile away, but I do not know how to feel about SLE
basically using all of that work that the community did to achieve this.
Maybe SUSE should just wait with those kinds of changes for when they
feel comfortable with openly developing SLE instead, because that does
bring in some value to both Leap and SLE and doesn't take away any of
the things that the community added to Leap.

We understand that we also need to allow SLE submissions during this project.

We don't know how exactly to achieve this right now, I have to admit.

But we have this year to work on this...

This does seem like a much more SLE focused than openSUSE Leap focused
transition, branded as a positive change for openSUSE, but at least you
did not excuse yourself with Coronavirus as did The Qt Company ;)

How do we figure out branding, how do we package things that actually
have to differ between SLE and Jump? I do see the last question kind of
skipping that point, does that mean the installation-images still will
be different to account for different branding? Will the product
package differ? Will the branding be figured out based on

Nah, branding is done with a different set of packages. openSUSE will
definitive have it's own are of additional and also fork packages.
The latter ones are the ones we try to minimize though.

What exact package-wise differences do you actually
foresee. I don't agree with installation-time scriplets figuring this
out though, since we have this amazing branding package system SUSE
developed for UnitedLinux and openSUSE successfully used for plenty
of years to not have to deal with terrible awful post script, please.

As an aside, Jump is an awful name, since it's a way too common of a
word in the English language to build any reasonable branding around it.
Please get Richard drunk enough so he can come up with something as
good as Leap again.

actually I am guilty for Jump ... but I am happy with any other short
name. I just need one for the initial setup. But we can change it
later, if we come to a better conclusion here.


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