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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE:Factory - Build fail notification
On 31. 03. 20, 9:27, Stefan Brüns wrote:
Well, I have just opened the rpm and cannot stop staring. Are they
serious that only headers in /usr/include/poppler/cpp are considered
"stable" and to be used? I seriously doubt we can fix factory or any
other distro using only those API/headers. If they mean it, it would be
easier to delete that crap from this world completely and start over
with something better maintained. No, blaming users for using "unstable"
API really won't work, given the "stable" API provides users with
exactly equal to nothing.

Its sufficient for okular and evince. Its sufficient for KFileMetadata.

OK, maybe sufficient for reading... It's broken for more than 6 years

And to quote the poppler maintainer:

We have asked third party uses of non public headers to come forward and
describe their needs multiple times, we've always got a big silence as answer.

If I may quote you:

You have already been told there is a stable API. If programs choose to
use private interfaces, its their fault.

So they definitely know about the users and blame users for using the
unstable API. Instead of making it stable. And texlive being one of the
major ones -- is that hard to look into the code? It would take minutes
as it did to me when I fixed one of the poppler API woes in texlive
during one of the poppler's updates.

To be concrete, again: tex uses Parser and it's apparently considered
unstable API. You are telling me it's unknown to the developers?

suse labs

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