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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE:Factory - Build fail notification
  • From: Stefan Brüns <stefan.bruens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 09:27:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <3106967.aiVAkc386D@pebbles>
On Dienstag, 31. März 2020 08:20:49 CEST Jiri Slaby wrote:
On 30. 03. 20, 21:28, Bjørn Lie wrote:
In openSUSE we build poppler with passing
ENABLE_UNSTABLE_API_ABI_HEADERS=ON (was: enable-xpdf-headers) to cmake,
so no surprice that we then get unstable API/ABI back.

We do this for historic and real life practical need, as we have several
packages needs/expect those headers to be in place. Be aware that we are
no different in this respect than ALL other distros.

However since there seems to be an abundance of people annoyed by this,
I've made a branch where I build poppler without passing the above
undable abi/api, and branched every package depending on poppler ref osc

There is currently ~13 packages failing, but I bet more will pop up if
the current ones get fixed/ported/poppler dep removed, subs for this
should ofc be all sent upstream!

Please see

(Note that target staging:O still have poppler with unstable api/abi
while openSUSE_Factory target does not).

Looking forward to all your SR's to bring a future without unstable
poppler ABI/API!

Given the "unstable" API is used that much, it IMNSHO means that the
"stable" API, as they call it, is pretty much unusable.

/me downloading the cut rpm from your prj

Well, I have just opened the rpm and cannot stop staring. Are they
serious that only headers in /usr/include/poppler/cpp are considered
"stable" and to be used? I seriously doubt we can fix factory or any
other distro using only those API/headers. If they mean it, it would be
easier to delete that crap from this world completely and start over
with something better maintained. No, blaming users for using "unstable"
API really won't work, given the "stable" API provides users with
exactly equal to nothing.

Its sufficient for okular and evince. Its sufficient for KFileMetadata.

And to quote the poppler maintainer:

We have asked third party uses of non public headers to come forward and
describe their needs multiple times, we've always got a big silence as answer.

Cheers, Albert

So stop blaming poppler on unrelated mailinglist, but create bug reports. Do
you really think poppler developers should start searching the internet for
users of the API, try to understand other projects use cases and code?



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