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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Poll of VirtualBox users
On 3/21/20 5:22 AM, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:

Sure, Stefan, but with a previous installation, this script could make use of
a natively provided mechanism, that should take care of the licensing changing
event as well:

License accepted. For batch installation add
to the VBoxManage command line.

As far as I can tell, that accept-license option only works for commercial users with a valid license. At least I do not have any number like this. I agree that a minimum of 100 seats for such a license is absurd!

Thanks to everyone that responded to this poll. You gave me some good ideas, and I am grateful that I did not trigger a flame war, which is entirely too easy on openSUSE's mailing lists! :)

My current thinking is to avoid modifying the package installation process, and add some code to the wrapper used to launch the VB GUI. Users that start their VMs using the autostart method, or those using scripts executed on bootup of the host will continue to operate as usual.

In the VB wrapper script, the new code will have a check to see if an extpack is installed. If not, we are done. If an existing pack is present, the license will be checked to see if it is the current version. If not, the new code again exits, as the user will need to OK the new license. This test will need to be changed in package generation when Oracle has a new release. Fortunately, the license does not change very often - the current version is from July 2017.

When a given system has some extpack installed, and the license matches the current one, then the version is compared with the current release as reported by VBoxManange. If the two differ, then the new extpack will be downloaded, installed, and the downloaded file will be deleted.

This method should avoid installing a new version on systems where no one has approved the license. That will cover both personal and commercial cases.

Please let me know if the above scheme misses any important points.

Thanks again for the thoughtful responses.

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