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Re: [opensuse-factory] Publishing a Build - What happens
On Wed, 2020-03-18 at 11:11 +0100, Per Jessen wrote:
Yes, finally we go this fixed...

I was looking at it yesterday, but not being familiar with the process,
I didn't get very far. What was the problem?

I hope I manage to explain the setup - as that is crucial to understand
(if you wish, I can also have a call with you on the topic - as you are
the one mostly taking care of the mirror infra, this would be

So, as an overview of what happens while we get a new snapshot/build
out (same for TW as for Leap):

* We build in openSUSE
* ToTestManager 'flags' for test ('release to :ToTest)
* openQA syncs the data from OBS to openQA Servers
* As part of this, a full changelog dump from the DVD being synced is
extracted and stored in the openQA backend.
* When openQA finished the testing and things are marked 'ok',
ToTestManager triggers a 'publish' on OBS (publish flag in :ToTest's
* OBS passes its scheduler code, preparing the direcrory structure on
OBS infra
* For Leap and TW, there is an extra script on OBS publisher to 'ask
openQA Servers (apache/pythonapp) for the diff for the current snapshot
and tells that same openQA hosted script 'snapshot XY.Z has been
published. The openQA hosted scripts move a 'current' pointer to what
is marked for publishing now (like this we can diff against the 'last
published' - not only the 'last built' snapshot)
* OBS RSyncs (push) this to download.o.o in the stage area
* Some Mirrors have access to sync from Stage - so we get some mirrors
ready before the snapshot is 'really there'
* About two hours later, we sync from ftp-stage to ftp

This should give a quick overview how things move around - and in this
specific case, the publish script on OBS had some issues and no longer
queried the openQA-hosted scripts.

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