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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Changes in gpg-agent / Plasma? SSH-Key no longer available in gpg-agent...
12.03.2020 18:36, Neil Rickert пишет:
On 3/12/20 4:23 AM, Johannes Kastl wrote:

was there a change recently that affects gpg-agent in Plasma?

I don't think so.

I just noticed this today, while I tried out Plasma+Wayland. Now it
is no longer working in Plasma (without Wayland), too.

That's your recent change -- using Wayland.

With Wayland, gpg-agent is not automatically started as part of your
desktop startup. Instead, it is started on demand. The effect is
that it cannot share environment variables with your desktop.
Software that uses gpg-agent depends on the socket being in a standard
place. But ssh clients don't know about that.

If it were the only problem, it would be possible to set SSH_AUTH_SOCK
to "standard place" and be done with it. The real problem is that ssh
does not know how to auto-start gpg-agent on demand.

With X11, gpg-agent is still started as part of session startup.

If you login with Wayland, and then use a gpg command, gpg-agent will
be started at that time. If you now logout, and login with X11, the
left-over gpg-agent will still be running and will block the start of
gpg-agent as part of your X11 session. So maybe try rebooting and
then login to X11 before you conclude that it isn't working there.

There's probably a way to start gpg-agent with a script in
"$HOME/.config/plasma-workspace/env" so that it shares its environment
with your desktop session.

Alternative approach is to use systemd socket activation. gpg ships with
example units and they are available in
/usr/share/doc/packages/gpg2/examples/systemd-user. There is also README
describing how to use these files.
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