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Re: [opensuse-factory] php7-fpm setup does not work anymore
On 3/5/20 4:34 AM, Arjen de Korte wrote:
The 'mod_php_any' dependency is a nasty one. Ideally the 'php7-fpm'
package should also provide 'mod_php_any' and conflict with
'apache2-mod_php7' to prevent this situation from happening in the first
place. I'm not sure why we don't have this already, but it probably has
to do with the fact that 'php7-fpm' will not provide a working solution
out of the box while 'apache2-mod_php7' does.

As a php user, i would prefer (and expected) that a package like
nextcloud only has dependencies for the php modules it actually uses in
its code; not modules that php needs to "connect" to a given web server,
or any other particular use case. How to connect php to a web server is
a job for the wiki, imho. People could be just writing cli scripts and
not even want a web server, much less apache deps.

BTW, why does nginx use the 'nginx' user and group, instead of 'wwwrun'
and 'www'?

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