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Re: [opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200220 released! - hanging update of an older system!
* Oliver Kurz <okurz@xxxxxxx>, le 25-02-20, a écrit:

You should compare each ".rpmnew" file against the source file and merge the
files. E.g. based on
for i in $(cat /var/adm/rpmconfigcheck); do vimdiff $i ${i%.rpm*}; done
you should take over as much as possible from .rpmnew files to be consistent
with new syntax but preserve any changes that you personally directly or
indirectly introduced and want to keep. "Indirect" changes could happen if
use e.g. YaST to configure services. After you merged and crosschecked all
files you should delete all .rpmnew and .rpmsave files to have an empty list
which you can check with another call of `rpmconfigcheck`.


Much of the discussion is beyond me, still ...

My feeling is that it is essential to know, for future maintenance, where all
changes came from in the past. My own example is the usefulness of the file
nsswitch.confbak to determine that line 29 of nsswitch.conf has been modifed
in my system, and that this modification should probably be applied to
nsswitch.conf.rpmnew before substituing it to nsswitch.conf. I would not know
of this modification without nsswitch.confbak.

Hence my own suggestion would be to keep the history by preserving all files,
adequately renamed and dated with the command "old".

Maybe we do not need it all, or we can mechanize much of the process (there is
literature on automatic merge of independent changes), but that should be
analyzed formally by theoretical means.


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