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Re: [opensuse-factory] rpmnew/rpmsave (was: ...hanging update of an older system!)
On Tue, 2020-02-25 at 04:52 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:
Thorsten Kukuk composed on 2020-02-25 10:44 (UTC+0100):

Correct, we need to fix the problem that every typo fix in a
configuration file will lead to a *.rpmnew or *.rpmsave file.
And this is this whole exercise about: minimize the situations,
where RPM has to create a rpmnew or rpmsave file.
And not doing the opposite, mess even more around with configuration
file automatically so that RPM has to create even more rpmnew and
rpmsave files which will even more likely break users systems earlier
than later.

Doesn't this whole subject become moot when the /usr/etc/ transition is
complete??? Aren't we nearly there already?

I applaud you for seeing the target goal! And YES! Once the split is
clear that /usr/etc is 'distro default config' and /etc is 'user/admin
config', the distro can update the config 'as often as it needs to'
without having to worry about .rpmnew/.rpmsave files (nothing in
/usr/etc will be marked %config).

As to 'are we there yet' - saldy, no. It's still a long road ahead.#

$ find /etc -type f | wc -l

Surely not ALL of those will ever vanish - but > 2k is still a lot to
claim 'nearly there'. And I intentionally did not go into more details
here as to how many of those files would

a) already be able to actually not exist, as the daemon would support
the separation
b) how many of those things are really configurations modified by me
c) how many of those files I actually have any clue what they are doing


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