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[opensuse-factory] Looking for new carla, linuxsampler and libgig package maintainers
  • From: Edgar Aichinger <edgar.aichinger@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 14:17:38 +0100
  • Message-id: <1616347.YIvaKFUt4A@asus>

I would like to give up maintainership for the mentioned packages residing in
multimedia:libs and multimedia:apps.

Since a year I have a fulltime job in theater that keeps me pretty busy, and I
also have to accept that my life and interests have shifted in ways that makes
it hard for me to spend considerable amounts of time on maintaining these

Given that there is a pending list of CVE bugs that I'm unable to resolve
myself, and writing to their mailing list raised no interest or even response
whatsoever, I'm also a bit frustrated. See

A while ago I updated both packages to their latest versions in hope that the
bug tickets would update themselves and at least some bugs would get resolved
by that, but so far nothing changed and I'm not willing or able to invest more
time in that

Apart from that, linuxsampler has been a problematic package since at least 10
years, due to a incompatible addition/exception to the GPL that violates it,
but the author refuses to see it that way and discuss further. See for example

My initial motivation was coming from the carla package which I also created
and maintain, as it's a great host for all kinds of audio plugins and offers
some builtin support for linuxsampler. I wanted my package to support as many
features as possible. I love tinkering in my spare time with random stuff I'm
interested in, but in this case I'm really sort of done with it, so I think I
have to take a decision and stop my involvement.

Any takers?

Thanks for your attention, Edgar
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