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Re: [opensuse-factory] Default browser: chromium?

On 9/19/19 12:54 PM, Tomas Chvatal wrote:
Let the flamewar begin!

No really I was now watching the people rightfully complaining I've
sent a borked chromium to latest TW snapshot and was wondering how
popular the browsers are and whether we should not set the chromium
instead of firefox as default or to keep them both on the dvd tested...

I prefer Firefox for the very simple reason that Mozilla is easier to work with
as an upstream than Google. Google is extremely difficult and basically if you
fix a bug that doesn't concern anything they are using, they simply don't care.

"What does this fix? Big-endian targets? Don't care, go away!"

or they reinvent with things like "GN" where you need to download a complete
x86_64 chroot to even build it which is, of course, not portable at all.

Chromium might be open source, but it's Google's own project and not a community

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