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Re: [opensuse-factory] lightdm & kwallet - sddm doesn't remember last session

Am Dienstag, 3. September 2019, 08:25:30 CEST schrieb Alex Christoph Bihlmaier:
Good Morning.
Due to an annoying sddm bug (
the session selector in sddm doesn't save the last session per user,
instead it saves the last used session regardless of the user.

Yes, this is unfortunately something which is not easy to fix (like the missing
integration for PAM features) as it would need new APIs supported by all
themes. It would be possible to show a virtual "last session" entry, but that
way it's not possible to tell which that would be without actually logging in.

This is annoying, because userA wants to use XFCE and userB wants to use

You could make a hack and write your own xsession .desktop file which just
starts either Xfce or Plasma depending on the user. Ugly, but should work.

Therefore I am using lightdm (which saves last session per user).

But what's missing in this picture with lightdm is that lightdm is
unable to open the kwallet when selecting/starting KDE.

I installed "pam_kwallet" but it doesn't seem to integrate well with PAM
because after logging in with KDE it asks for password to unlock kwallet.

That's funny, because someone on IRC had the opposite issue, pam_kwallet worked
from lightdm but not sddm...

Please open a bug report and attach the journal for the login timeframe as well
as the /etc/pam.d/{lightdm,common-session,common-auth} files.


Is anyone using this setup?
Is a multiuser/multi-DM environment that esoteric? :)


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