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Re: [opensuse-factory] employ zypper to notify about .rpmnew (was: New Tumbleweed snapshot 20190822 released!)
On Sat, Aug 24, Olaf Hering wrote:

On Sat, Aug 24, Oleksii Vilchanskyi wrote:

Obviously, nobody can remember to manually run a program to check for
.rpmnew every upgrade. Can zypper notify about this at the end
automatically? The only reference I found googling "zypper notify about
rpmnew" was [0] with a broken link to openFATE. Was it ever implemented?

Implementing this would be a waste of manpower, given that /etc should
not be polluted anymore by packages. File a bug to get the affected
package fixed to not pollute /etc (and hopefully also /usr/etc!).

1. this will not be possible for all packages
2. we still need a solution to show by the distributor changed
configuration files in /usr/etc. With transactional-updates
this is quite simple, but no idea about plain zypper yet.

If there was indeed an incompatible change, something has to transform
the old config to the new config in some way. I think there are ways to
show notifications at the end of an upgrade, this feature is used every
now and then.

That "feature" is deprecated since a long time, especially since nearly
nobody is able to use it correct ...

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