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Re: [opensuse-factory] nothing provides needed by recoll-1.25.19-1.8.x86_64

Am Dienstag, 20. August 2019, 14:24:00 CEST schrieb L A Walsh:
Trying to install an upgrade of recoll, but I get a persistent error:

Problem: nothing provides needed by
Solution 1: do not install recoll-1.25.19-1.8.x86_64
Solution 2: break recoll-1.25.19-1.8.x86_64 by ignoring some of its

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c):

I searched on google, and the same problem was found with different QT
versions on earlier openSUSE versions -- top 2 hits from 2010 and 2017.

So besides wondering where Qt 5.13 would be (I found mostly qt 5.12
in my latest refresh of tumbleweed, though a few have 5.13 version numbers
(311 packages with 5.12 version, with 32 showing 5.13 versions), why would
most of the numbers be from an earlier version?

zypper in '' works fine here, so you have a
broken repository setup. My guess is that you have tumbleweed-cli installed
and are currently using an old snapshot.

If not, something else with your setup is broken, but that's more of a support
question, so fits better in opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx.


Though main question, is why should opensuse seem to have the
most of this type of problem?

To see what I saw, just paste the subject into a google search, and that
should show you the earlier versions.

Anyway, seems odd that this _seems_ to affect opensuse more often than with
other vendors -- maybe something to do with tumbleweed, but was it
around in

I guess I'll try refreshing my repo again. I do notice that the more
often I
refresh it, the less time it takes...:-).

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