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Re: [opensuse-factory] Reclaiming /srv and some other servery type of stuff
On Sat, Jul 06, Eric Schirra wrote:

Am 6. Juli 2019 18:01:25 MESZ schrieb Stasiek Michalski <hellcp@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
PS: Even if that does not belong in this thread. I think there are
important things / problem to solve in openSUSE. For example, Ancient

and libraries, just because they are in SLE. :-(

I tend to confront standards (so openSUSE works well with software that
follows them) like FHS rather than fixing older packages, there are
probably people that would be more interested about that stuff than me

When i read fhs. The directory /srv is definitv the right place for
webapplication and not /var or /usr or something else.

Also for backup it is better all web applications are in one dir.

So why sould the subject the standard?
Why shiuld it be changed?
Why not let it in /srv?
Why not use really fhs?

The problem is, that it is impossible for distribution, or better package
manager, to diffeentiate between what the distribution installs and what
the user did install. The distribution is not allowed to overwrite user
data in /srv.
This is also a problem for transactional-update, that's why
transactional-update is not supported with packages, which installs
_files_ into /srv. directories are no problem.
But now, the world is not black and white. With web servers, it is
normally no problem to install static stuff below /usr, the user can
add his stuff below /srv, and the webserver merges this. For tftp for
example, this is impossible, you have to install in /srv/tftpboot to
get something working.

So, making sure that no package installs files in /srv is a really
good think, but please, stay realistic and don't enforce it for
everything. As result, the problem would only be moved to /usr
or /var, but not solved at all.


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