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[opensuse-factory] Switching openSUSE's pkgconfig implementation to pkgconf
Hello all,

I've submitted a request to Factory to switch the pkgconf package to
provide the pkg-config binary and interface[1].

I've submitted this request because pkgconf has proven to be a solid,
well-maintained implementation of pkg-config, used by a wide range of

Today, it is now used in the following Linux distributions:
* Fedora (since Fedora 26[2])
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux (since RHEL 8)
* Mageia (since Mageia 7)
* OpenMandriva (since OpenMandriva Lx 4)
* Arch Linux (since May 2018[3])

It is also available as an option in Debian and Ubuntu.

Like the other distributions that have decided to ship it, I'd like to
switch it in openSUSE because pkgconf is actively maintained with a
responsive upstream (as opposed to the moribund upstream for
pkgconfig). My experience working with upstream during the Fedora
change was extremely positive, and if there are any issues, I fully
expect that they can be resolved quickly. That said, I don't expect
any issues, because far broader package sets in other distributions
have proven that the implementation is solid and reliable.

Migrating to pkgconf also would have removed the glib2<->pkgconfig
bootstrap cycle that exists for pkg-config if we were not already
using the internal glib2 implementation.

With pkgconf's pkg-config compatibility switched on, you should be
seamlessly switched from pkg-config to pkgconf-pkg-config, which
provides the pkg-config interface and Obsoletes+Provides "pkg-config"
and "pkgconfig". This should take affect in the next snapshot
generated after the SR is accepted, if it is accepted.

Any questions or comments?

Best regards,


真実はいつも一つ!/ Always, there's only one truth!
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