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Re: [opensuse-factory] adverse effects in SLE and openSUSE relationship

On 10/07/2019 15:37, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
Am 10.07.19 um 02:27 schrieb Simon Lees:

On 08/07/2019 21:44, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

In any case those experiences together with reports from others just
paints a picture in my mind where I see some misalignment.
I'm not saying we are there yet but the direction is to something like:
Leap = SLE + community stuff
What I think that Leap should be:
Leap = SLE (with community modifications where the community/maintainer
wants it; in best case w/o breaking base compatibility with SLE) +
community stuff

What we have at the moment is close to 3, if you substitute
"community/maintainer" with "community maintainer", ie if there is
someone in the community who is willing to maintain it then they can
have the discussion with the SUSE maintainer as they will be working
together co maintaining the package anyway, for build system and core
libraries or other packages that end up affecting other packages the
answer is still more likely to be no, but for some packages that effect
less other things or some groups of packages it is possible. However the
community wanting something updated and not doing it themselves is less
likely to happen, that would probably be asking the SUSE maintainer to
do additional work in there spare time, and one of the core principles
of openSUSE is that we don't ask people to do additional work, they do
it if they feel like it.

Yes, we are somewhere inbetween in general with some trend in one or the
other direction.
I was pretty satisfied with Leap 42 and more or less still with 15.0.
With 15.1 it already felt more towards the first.
In any case you are spending half of your mail talking about updates. If
that refers to an earlier mail from me in that thread then I need to add
that I never asked anyone to do an update for a package for me. In most
cases I am the maintainer (or at least co-maintainer or major
contributor) of those packages I'm asking for anyway and I wanted to
have them updated (typically) to Factory level. And exactly that process
felt quite weird.

Yeah in this term I meant updates from what the previous version had rather then specifically maintenance updates. Whenever we do such an update in SLE, it also leads to more work for SUSE maintainers because then whenever we need to fix a security issue we need to fix it for the new and older versions, Packages in SLE service packs also have a much longer lifetime then Leap especially if they are core packages with LTSS support, so for packages that we do decide need frequent updates its not uncommon to need to do 5-6 maintenance updates for different versions to fix one security update.


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