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Re: [opensuse-factory] adverse effects in SLE and openSUSE relationship
On Tue, 2019-07-09 at 13:20 +0000, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 7/9/19 3:08 PM, Richard Brown wrote:
Well said.
For the record, I disagree with some of Johns sentiment. and feel
it is
not consistant with the official opinion of SUSE.

It's Adrian, not John ;).

My apologies - Might I recommend changing your email headers then?
Calling someone "Adrian" when my mail client shows "John Paul Adrian
Glaubitz", runs counter to every lesson I ever had regarding how to
address someone politely.

And I'm not sure where I'm wrong, the numbers speak for itself:

I know it's very controversial to say that among the community but in
the end, it's pretty much what the numbers say.

The community is the only entity that controls what is inside Leap,
with the obvious caveat that SUSE is part of that community also.

The community doesn't have the manpower to work on projects like the
kernel, gcc or anything of similar size. In the end, there is always
a corporate entity which is funding the work.

Even a large number of Debian developers are paid by a company, in
many cases Canonical. And Debian is legally a completely independent
project, yet there are companies behind it driving the development.

Free software doesn't mean developers work free of charge.

Your numbers aren't contraversial, but I do not see their relevant.
This is not a SUSE mailinglist and we are not discussing SUSE's
financial investments in this thread.

We're on an openSUSE mailinglist, and we're talking about the practical
contributions of real people.

That includes SUSE employees doing stuff in their work time, sure, but
lets take a peak at your examples of "kernel, gcc or anything of
similar size".

The SUSE employees who are responsible for such things in their
worktime repeatedly do additional work, above and beyond the
expectations of SUSE, to accomodate, support, enable and enhance the

Your dogmatic footstomping dismisses the excellent work and attitude of
your colleagues and co-contributors, who often do that extra work not
only in work time, but in their freetime also.

They do more than most volunteers to ensure that _openSUSE_ is suitable
for the community, all the while also being open for more contributors
to join in and steer things along with them.

They do this despite the extra work it might cause them with their paid
SUSE work, because they appreciate the value of such contributions for
the long term health of both openSUSE & SUSE.

So, my advice would be to re-evaluate your viewpoint.
This list isn't just SUSE.
This list isn't Debian.

"Free software doesn't mean developers work free of charge" - but when
they do, you should be bloody* grateful and respectful of it.


* British swearing for emphasis
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