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Re: [opensuse-factory] adverse effects in SLE and openSUSE relationship

Am 09.07.19 um 14:17 schrieb John Paul Adrian Glaubitz:
On 7/8/19 2:14 PM, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
In any case those experiences together with reports from others just
paints a picture in my mind where I see some misalignment.
I'm not saying we are there yet but the direction is to something like:
Leap = SLE + community stuff
What I think that Leap should be:
Leap = SLE (with community modifications where the community/maintainer
wants it; in best case w/o breaking base compatibility with SLE) +
community stuff

Now the truth is probably somewhere inbetween and that is what I meant
with "dictates a bit too much".

Well, SLE dictates - and enterprise Linux in general - the direction
because that's where the vast majority of users are. I know that most people
do not like to hear this, but Linux has nearly no relevance on the desktop
so it's just natural that the server variants determine the direction as they
are also the ones who are funding most of the development (be it Red Hat,
Intel, Google, IBM etc).

If you want that developers are being paid to work on Linux and open projects
in general, you have to accept the fact that most customers who are paying
these developers are enterprise customers in the end.

I'm not arguing against what you wrote but it just does not matter here.
We are talking about openSUSE Leap and not about SUSE LINUX Enterprise.

If Leap is SUSE controlled it should be named SUSE Leap or SUSE CentOS
or whatnot leaving openSUSE out.

Having worked for SUSE, have been running openSUSE Evergreen,
maintaining almost all Mozilla stuff in SUSE/openSUSE since almost 20
years, working for an OSS company you do not need to tell me that story.

Since this thread is kind of off-topic and probably even not very
efficient because to abstract I'll shout again directly the next time I
see that sort of misalignment.

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