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Re: [opensuse-factory] Reclaiming /srv and some other servery type of stuff

Am 6. Juli 2019 11:56:51 MESZ schrieb Jan Engelhardt <jengelh@xxxxxxx>:

On Saturday 2019-07-06 10:59, Eric Schirra wrote:
Am Samstag, 6. Juli 2019, 02:27:02
/srv is _defined_ by FHS in the same spirit to /home.
Asking for software be installed in /srv is like asking for software
be installed in /home (which is ridiculous).

No it is not. Home only for user things. Srv for "world".
See links in my other post.

Furthermore, I find it extremely annoying when I install a software as
a pact
and then does not run at all and I have to read the installation
of the developers. Then I do not need a package.

Great, then you are not even a user affected by the proposed change.

of course. I use nextcloud myself and want to keep this in srv. Incidentally,
I'm a maintener bn nextcloud and one of those who makes sure that the package
is up to date and also updates every update without any action. which is not
the case with many web applications.

(Even if something lives in /usr, it can be made to behave as if it
present in /srv as far as a web server is concerned. kopano-webapp.spec
that for example.)
and that bothers me. I have to look under a hundred folder that of kopano.
under srv there are nextcloud and two or three others and ready

PS: Even if that does not belong in this thread. I think there are
important things / problem to solve in openSUSE. For example, Ancient
and libraries, just because they are in SLE. :-(

Well, if you think those topics are important, you are free to work on
just as Stasiek is free to work on issues he considers important.
and what shall I do? all attempts to bring new package versions or current
versions of libraries and applications in leap 15.1 failed. always on the
grounds that comes from sle. more attempts were dismissed, which even once
went almost so far that I should be blocked. Since then I do not do anything
for leap. As a "small" packager and user at opensuse I have no management at
all to do this. I am synonymous with stability, which is why I also use leap
and tumblweed. if that goes so far, the desktop programs nei a new leap
vetsion are clearly slt, then that goes too far. opensuse itself with such old
desktop apps even no favor. see also the comments on the web. Among other
things, it has never been so quiet on the web at 15.1. I wonder why?

Regards Eric
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