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Re: [opensuse-factory] How to inform users of security settings (boo#713289)
Op 04-07-19 om 13:57 schreef Cor Blom:
Op 04-07-19 om 13:45 schreef Marcus Meissner:
On Thu, Jul 04, 2019 at 01:32:39PM +0200, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
On Thursday 2019-07-04 13:06, Cor Blom wrote:


I got a bug report that image preview of eps files was not working in LyX
(boo#713289). I closed this as WONTFIX, because those settings are there for a
reason. What is frustrating for users is: how do they know this is the reason a
preview is not working?

What is even more frustrating for users is that the bug report is not
accessible. So almost nobody can even develop an opinion that you are
trying to elicit.

This is a submitrequest ID for Factory actually ...

+- Update the description in the spec file with information on
+  security setting for ImageMagick in openSUSE. See boo#1139928
+  It seems the only thing we can do about it.

There is the bug, it is open.

Ciao, Marcus

Yes, sorry, 713289 was SR number. The bugreport number is #1139928 My mistake.

And the relevant changelog in ImageMagick is:

Thu Feb 28 11:44:05 UTC 2019 - pgajdos@xxxxxxxx

- provide two new (conflicting) packages with configuration
* ImageMagick-config-upstream
- provides configuration provided by upstream (no restrictions)
* ImageMagick-config-SUSE (preferred)
- provides configuration provided by SUSE (with security
and use update-alternatives for selecting configurations.
- remove code for < 1315
- deleted patches
- ImageMagick-disable-insecure-coders.patch (renamed)
- added patches
+ ImageMagick-configuration-SUSE.patch

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