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Re: [opensuse-factory] Possible problem with Qt 5.13
On 7/3/19 2:12 PM, Oleksii Vilchanskyi wrote:
On 7/3/19 8:08 PM, Larry Finger wrote:
On Tuesday, 2. July 2019, 23:20:41 CEST wrote Larry Finger:
In, there is a report
of a
VirtualBox guest constantly stealing focus from the host. I have
duplicated the
result with a fully-updated Tumbleweed with Qt 5.13, VirtualBox 6.0.8,
and a
Q4OS guest VM. When I booted into Leap 15.1 with Qt 5.9, but using the
version of VB and the same VM, the behavior was normal. This suggests
that the
problem is with Qt 5.13. In, the
problem is listed as a Qt regression, and a workaround is suggested
however, a definite fix is not available.

I have prepared a workaround for the focus-stealing problem using the
fix from the QTBUG page listed above. The commands needed to install the
modified package are as follows:

sudo zypper install --force libQt5Gui5-5.13.0-0.x86_64.rpm

You will get a warning that the package is not signed. You should ignore

It'd be better to use OBS because this is the common denominator for us,
users. You could also contribute the patch to the devel project. The
best guide on this topic is [0].


The last time there was a bug in some other component of openSUSE that affected VirtualBox, the maintainer of that package waited about 1 month before updating that package, even though a patch had been posted. I did not want Tumbleweed users of VirtualBox to have to wait. It turned out that Fabian was very prompt in preparing a patch even though the fix was quite ad-hoc. In addition, he even found why the fix works, making it unlikely that the change will have any harmful side effects.

Yes, I know the correct way to provide changes, but my experience has been that the correct way can be painfully slow. When the package you maintain is killing the entire system, you take certain measures, even when the problem does not arise with your package.


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