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[opensuse-factory] Dealing with circular building dependencies

The Python package python-aws-sam-translator [1] has recently introduced a
build dependency
on python-cfn-lint which in turn already depends on python-aws-sam-translator
which means
there is now a circular build between those two packages which can currently
only be broken
up by disabling the testsuite in the python-aws-sam-translator.

I have filed an upstream issue for that [2] but I'm also interested to hear
suggestions how
this issue could potentially be resolved in OBS. In Debian, there is something
build profiles [3] which allows packages to be bootstrapped with reduced
feature sets to avoid
build dependencies which helps breaking circular dependencies, then later
rebuild the same
package with all features enabled once all build dependencies have been built.

Is there something similar I could use in OBS to resolve this issue or does
anyone have any
other suggestion to resolve this issue?


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