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Re: [opensuse-factory] DNS resolution broken in last TW snapshot
25.04.2019 10:37, Olaf Hering пишет:
Thankfully I have this other system to "get online".

I have no problems with running systemd-resolved. DNS resolution works.
It is not broken.

One of the snapshots did unconditional start systemd-resolved. As a
result dnsmasq can not claim port 53. As a result no name resolution
can work. Nothing like that was mentioned in the weekly review

You are not a newbie who is incapable of distinguishing between "no
internet" and "systemd-resolved conflicts with dnsmasq".

systemd-resolved listens on single address I have no idea
what dnsmasq does or why it conflicts with systemd-resolved - you are
capable of debugging it yourself.

There is no preset for 'systemd-resolvd', so one would expect that
thing to remain disabled after 'zypper dup'. The man page lacks info
about how to not run it per default. It is not possible to get rid of
it at the rpm level.

It is likely started via D-Bus auto-start.

systemctl mask systemd-resolved.service

- or -

man resolved.conf

Are we still in control of the base system?

Is it time to drop dnsmasq, bind and whatever else would offer DNS

Thanks. (really...)


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