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[opensuse-factory] Leap 15.1 Build 456.3 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to discuss some issues, make sure to change the subject.
Please use the test plan at
to record your testing efforts and use bugzilla to report bugs.

Packages changed:
yast2 (4.1.67 -> 4.1.68)
yast2-firstboot (4.1.5 -> 4.1.6)
yast2-trans (84.87.20190410.077cc7c58a -> 84.87.20190412.26ef452e5e)

=== Details ===

==== yast2 ====
Version update (4.1.67 -> 4.1.68)
Subpackages: yast2-logs

- Updated map for evaluating upgraded products
(e.g. for SUSE-Manager). (bsc#1131503)
- Upgrade: Evaluating product obsoletes in order to show it in
the proposal overview.
- 4.1.68
- Firewall: Zone name has been removed from the common attributes
declaration as it cannot be modified through the firewalld API.
- 4.1.67
- Require tar as a dependency for yast2-logs (bsc#1125142).
- 4.1.66
- Fixed evaluating the base product, the same products with
the available and selected status must be treated as duplicate
products (bsc#1129257)
- 4.1.65
- Process the "specialproduct" value like a linuxrc parameter
(ignore "-_." characters, ignore case) (bsc#1128901)
- 4.1.64
- Fix how a product features is read in a running system.
- Update default path for base product licenses
(fate#324053, jsc#SLE-4173).
- 4.1.63
- Fixed product filtering in product_reader.rb, fixes problem
when upgrading SLE15-SP1 to SLE15-SP1 (usually used to fix
a broken system) (bsc#1128459)
- 4.1.62
- bnc#1127798
- do not crash with internal error when enabling a network
network service when no network service is active.
- 4.1.61
- added "Modify" button label (related to bsc#1128279, or just as
good gh#yast/yast-yast2#713)
- 4.1.60
- Added command line support also for the other Report module
methods (related to bnc#1127685)
- 4.1.59
- Fixed a failing testsuite, the Report.LongError used in the
global exception handler did not support the command line mode
(related to bnc#1127685)
- 4.1.58
- bnc#1127685
- made Report module long message reporting popups adjustable
- 4.1.57
- Use /sbin/rpcinfo only, /usr/sbin/rpcinfo is gone (bsc#1127138).
- Use the correct path for /usr/bin/ifconfig (bsc#1127138).
- 4.1.56
- Fixed license file ordering issue causing a random test failure
- 4.1.55
- Firewall: added some help methods for moving interfaces between
zones in a safe way (fate#324662).
- 4.1.54
- CWM: Added date field and time field widgets (fate#322722)
- 4.1.53
- Support special products which will be enabled via linuxrc
(flag "specialproduct") (fate#327099)
- 4.1.52
- Firewall: drop not needed relations and its related methods
- Firewall: move export method to yast2-firewall (fate#324662)
- 4.1.51
- CWM: Add method focus to object CWM widgets (FATE#324662)
- CWM: Add rspec helper for common CWM widgets
- CWM: Allow CWM dialogs/popups to have own help
- CWM: Fix showing help for CWM Popup (FATE#324662)
- 4.1.50
- Fix crashes of many modules when invoking from ncurses control
center (bsc#1121425)
- 4.1.49
- Ignore the old packages when fetching the release notes
- 4.1.48
- Fix a fragile unit test (related to changes introduced
for fate#325482)
- 4.1.47
- Fetch and display properly the license content from the
fallback rpm when using a product definition located at
/usr/share/installation-products (part of fate#325482)
- 4.1.46
- Drop no longer used ALog module without replacement
- Drop no longer used Cron module without replacement
- Drop obsolete DebugHooks module for installation. Replaced by
integrated installation debugger and installation hooks.
- Drop no longer used SuSEFirewallExpertRules module. Replaced by
firewalld related classes.
- replace old testsuite for Wizard module by rspec tests
- Drop no longer installed desktop files for remotechooser and
remoteinstall from git.
- Drop obsolete ycp syntax checker check-all-syntax without
- Add missing help for the service configuration
- NetworkService: fix invoking forced enable (bsc#1119657)
- 4.1.45
- Add a <configuration_management/> section to the control file
- 4.1.44
- avoid use of shellescape function on non string types
- 4.1.43
- Extend Yast::Execute API (needed for bsc#1118291)
- Add method Yast::Execute.stdout
- Allow to chain methods
- 4.1.42
- WorkflowManager: find product definitions located at
/usr/share/installation-products/ (part of fate#325482)
- 4.1.41
- Added more testcases if e.g. system is running in chroot
environment and systemd does not work properly (bsc#1113732)
- Removed dead code (bsc#1118291)
- 4.1.40
- always use absolute path to binaries (bsc#1118291)
- properly escape shell arguments (bsc#1118291)
- 4.1.39
- Ship only primary icons with module to avoid conflicts (boo#1118521)
- 4.1.38
- firewalld: add ability to add/edit/remove zones (fate#324662)
- 4.1.37
- Provide icon with module (boo#1109310)
- Move virtualization group from yast-vm to yast2
- 4.1.36
- Added global parameter enable_local_users (Fate#326447)
- Added ProductFeatures::GetBooleanFeatureWithFallback
- 4.1.35
- check return value of OpenDialog to prevent crash (bsc#1115745)
- 4.1.34
- WorkflowManager: Allow system roles to live in
/usr/share/system-roles/*.xml (bsc#1108176)
- 4.1.33
- view_anymsg: allow user to switch to yast2-journal if file does
not exist or is empty (bsc#948729)
- 4.1.32
- Added flag save_y2logs to control.xml file in order to save
YaST logs at the end of installation (fate#325737)
- 4.1.31
- Ensure that Installation.sourcedir exists (bsc#1097700)
- Use LSB compliant Installation.sourcedir
- 4.1.30
- CWMFirewallInterfaces: make some "current state" methods public
needed by yast2-rmt (fate#326634)
- 4.1.29
- Network (Firewall): Added modify_masquerade method to zones API
unifying the way changes are applied to single value attributes.
- 4.1.28
- adapted to extended output of snapper (fate#326479, bsc#1111831)
- 4.1.27
- Small CWM optimization by avoiding deep_copy on big data
- 4.1.26
- CWMFirewallInterfaces: Improved the user UX replacing the api
calls for checking supported services once the list supported
ones are already known by the firewalld instance (fate#324662)
- 4.1.25
- Splitting yast2 package into yast2 and yast2-logs. yast2-logs
contains only scripts for handling YaST logs (fate#325737).
- 4.1.24
- Added tags full_system_media_name and full_system_download_url
in control.xml which describe the location for the
"all-packages" medium. This information will be shown if the
registration has been scipped by the user. No hint will be shown
if these tags have not been defined. (fate#325834)
- 4.1.23
- Added new methods to firewalld_wrapper in order to switch
yast2-dhcp-server to new firewall module. (bsc#1108942)
- 4.1.22
- Log viewer: replace invalid UTF-8 characters from the displayed
log to avoid a crash (bsc#1110549)
- 4.1.21
- Network (Firewall):
- Added some methods needed for AutoYaST configuration
- Make the service status label stretchable so the updated status
is displayed correctly (bsc#1110407)
- 4.1.20
- bnc#964856
- fixed internal error - do not crash when updating device config
- 4.1.19
- Y2Firewall::Firewalld: Single attributes setter will not modify
the value of the attribute in case it is the same (bsc#1109812)
- 4.1.18
- Improve Y2Firewall::Firewalld::Interface#zone to return an
Zone object (fate#324662).
- 4.1.17
- bnc#964856
- removed obsolete parts of NetworkInterfaces API:
ifcfg_part, device_type, device_num, alias_num,
GetFreeDevices, GetFreeDevice, LocateNOT, ListDevicesExcept
- 4.1.16
- Network (Firewall)
- Added Y2Firewall::Firewalld::Interface class.
- Adapted interfaces helpers to work with the new class.
- 4.1.15
- Add a new popup widget (fate#324662).
- Add a helper class UIState to keep the UI states when using CWM.
- Y2Firewall::Firewalld: Added convenience method to obtain the
firewalld service object (fate#324662)
- 4.1.14
- Allow reading the installation.xml (skelcd-* package) from other
repository than the initial one (e.g. the self update), select
the highest version of the package (instead of the first found)
- 4.1.13
- Firewalld: Fixed the API cmd call for removing services from
zones when the firewall is in offline mode (bsc#1108628)
- 4.1.12
- CWM: avoid to always return :next when accepting a dialog.
- Needed for Expert Partitioner (fate#318196).
- 4.1.11
- Added the missing SuSEFirewallProposal.rb file to the Makefile
- 4.1.10
- Bring back the SuSEFirewallProposal fixing the class unit tests
until yast2-network drops the import of the module completely.
- 4.1.9
- Extended the firewall API supporting the use of single-value
attributes and also prepared it for introducing more complex
relations like 'forward-ports' and 'rich-rules' in the future.
- Improved the parser for zones and added a parser for services.
- Improved test mocking fixing a Polkit popup shown when running the
test (bsc#1087867)
- 4.1.8
- CWM: allow to define next handler for CWM#show.
- CWM: define default next handler in CWM::Dialog.
- Needed for Expert Partitioner (fate#318196).
- 4.1.7
- Add missing CompoundService#support_start_on_boot?
- 4.1.6
- Increase timeout for the execution of systemctl commands
- 4.1.5
- Fix the Yast2::ServiceWidget to not show the "On Boot" option
when it is not supported (related to fate#319428).
- 4.1.4
- Refactor systemd classes, reorganizing them in real classes
under the Yast2::Systemd namespace instead of using modules
(related to fate#319428).
- 4.1.3
- Changed dir of COPYING file
- Add support for systemd services that can only be started
on-demand (fate#319428 and bsc#1104568).
- 4.1.2
- Improve systemd socket detection (related to fate#319428).
- SystemService#find_many does not raise an exception anymore.
- 4.1.1
- Added widget to configure services (part of fate#319428).
- 4.1.0
- Add a method to detect whether a systemd service exists in
the underlying system or not (related to fate#319428).
- Fix systemd socket detection.
- 4.0.83
- Fix support to handle services during early 1st stage
(related to fate#319428).
- 4.0.82
- Do not display "download failed" error when using unsigned
packages (bsc#1096027)
- 4.0.81
- Services: add class to manage systemd services with associated
socket (needed for bsc#1080738 and fate#319428).
- 4.0.80
- Replace the deprecated firewallctl command with firewall-cmd for
obtaining the firewalld state (bsc#1093111)
- Network: Prevent from crashing when trying to delete some ip
aliases from the original devices (bsc#1098919)
- 4.0.79
- Added additional searchkeys to desktop file (fate#321043).
- 4.0.78
- display proper release notes for product (bsc#1096138)
- 4.0.77
- rename SLES_HPC -> SLE_HPC (bsc#1095053)
- 4.0.76
- Calling YAST module: Do not create a post Snapper image if the
pre Snapper image has already been failed (bnc#1093374)
- 4.0.75
- Support multiple "system-installation()" provides in one
package (bsc#1092965)
- 4.0.74
- CWM: allow to define back handler for CWM#show.
- CWM: define default handlers for back and abort in CWM::Dialog.
- Needed for Expert Partitioner fate#318196.
- 4.0.73
- Add a text helper to wrap richtext in directional markers
- 4.0.72
- Do not crash when reading trying to determine available locales
for some licenses (bsc#1089610).
- 4.0.71
- save_y2logs: save kernel messages and udev log (bsc#1089647,
- 4.0.70
- Handle input/output errors in the DoneProvide package callback
- 4.0.69
- Wizard: Fall back to smaller and/or hicolor icon if the icon for
the launched module cannot be found (bsc#1087224)
- 4.0.68
- Do not use the solver for finding the best product upgrade
candidate, it does not work correctly in the SLES + sle-module-hpc
=> SLES_HPC case (bsc#1086734)
- 4.0.67
- Fix early exit of installation when initial install url is
invalid and later fixed (bsc#1086840)
- 4.0.66
- improve wayland support (bsc#1083907)
- 4.0.65
- Use SHA2 instead of MD5 when determining whether a license
was already accepted or not (related to fate#325461).
- 4.0.64
- Add a new API to handle product licenses.
- Given a license, remember whether another one with the same
content was already accepted (fate#325461).
- 4.0.63
- Added ProductUpgrade class to better evaluate the product for
upgrading (related to bsc#1086259)
- 4.0.62
- Make possible to use the Yast2::Popup class from the Report
module (part of bsc#1082542).
- 4.0.61
- fix behavior of showing timed error popup (found during
debugging bsc#1083672)
- 4.0.60
- Fix extracting kernel parameters from installation when there is
parameter with '=' in value like
pci=hpiosize=0,hpmemsize=0,nobar (bsc#1081353)
- 4.0.59
- Use the correct release notes URL during upgrade (bsc#1073488).
- 4.0.58
- Fixed a typo and the list item marker in the firewall widget
- 4.0.56
- NIS configuration fails while executing firewall-offline-cmd.
Fix: Ensure that the firewalld configuration is read before
writing. (bnc#1082827)
- 4.0.55
- Added missing textdomain to firewalld zone class for translations
- 4.0.54
- Fixed list of the URL schemes without host, fixes processing
URLs with the "hd:/" scheme (bsc#1077310)
- 4.0.53
- Add a method to get the list of available license translations
for a given product (related to FATE#322276).
- 4.0.52
- Firewalld: Added interfaces helpers (fate#323460)
- 4.0.51
- Drop (x)inetd agents
- CWMServiceStart: Replace xinetd by systemd socket activation
- 4.0.50
- Y2Packager::Product does not depend on Yast::Language module
anymore (related to bsc#1079045)
- 4.0.49
- Replace idnconv with simpleidn library (related to bsc#1071552).
- Move some Y2Packager classes from yast2-packager here to
fix the package build.
- 4.0.48
- Firewalld: Cache modifications for performance improvements.
- 4.0.47
- Move some Y2Packager classes from yast2-packager here to avoid
circular dependency (related to fate#323163)
- 4.0.46
- Firewalld API: Cache whether the configuration has been read
- 4.0.45
- Installation::AutoClient: modified packages default and improved
documentation (fate#323460 bsc#1077987)
- 4.0.44
- Fixed a bug causing pages of all CWM::TreePager to be rendered
twice on every page switch (bsc#1078212)
- 4.0.43
- Firewalld API: reload and complete reload return true in offline
mode (fate#323460)
- 4.0.42
- Fixed logging typo (fate#1076513)
- 4.0.41
- Improved base product detection at upgrade (fate#1076513)
- 4.0.40
- Firewalld: Added methods to the wrapper class for opening ports
by YaPI modules (fate#323460 bsc#1071548 bsc#1076837)
- 4.0.39
- CWM: Add possibility to define abort handler for
(needed for expert partitioner fate#318196)
- 4.0.38
- Firewalld: Added missing firewalld service file to the Makefile
- 4.0.37
- CWMFirewallInterfaces: Replaced SuSEFirewall2 by firewalld.
- 4.0.36
- fix having some roles without description when choosing
different extensions during installation (bsc#1070726)
- 4.0.35
- Firewalld export: Return empty hash if the package has not
been installed. (fate#323460)
- 4.0.34
- Adding a workflow from other products: If there are no modules
have beed defined we are using the modules defined in
append_modules. (bnc#1075182)
- 4.0.33
- Firewalld: Allow to modify default zone and export configuration
- 4.0.32
- bnc#1073727
- ignored some of typical backup extensions (like .bak, .orig)
when loading ifcfg files
- 4.0.31
- Firewalld: Extend handling of zones for AutoYaST configuration
- 4.0.30
- Firewalld API: Use string command with all api methods which
expect string outputs (bsc#1070559)
- 4.0.29
- Firewalld API: Added convenient methods for query commands and
string expected output commands (bnc#1070559).
- 4.0.28
- Warn the user if the infrastructure is not available for running
the second stage (bnc#1061754)
- 4.0.27
- Improve tests for CWM::Pager (part of fate#318196).
- 4.0.26
- Recognize CTC devices named like slc600 (bsc#1058227).
- Stopped treating old-style hotplug devices specially.
- 4.0.25
- save_y2logs: save also /linuxrc.config and /etc/os-release files
for easier debugging
- CWM: make method Pager#current_page public.
- Necessary for fate#318196.
- 4.0.24
- bnc#1061306
- provided new function for querying net device configuration to
avoid internal errors when querying cached devices
- 4.0.23
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
%_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468).
- 4.0.22
- Added missing y2firewall/firewalld/zone.rb file to the Makefile
- 4.0.21
- Fixed a bug selecting rows programmatically for CWM::Table
- 4.0.20
- Add new Yast2::Popup class providing nicer API for invoking
popups (hackweek project)
- 4.0.19
- bnc#956755, bnc#1061306 (mfilka)
- fixed storing device information to avoid incorrect "not found"
states when querying NetworkInterfaces subsequently
- 4.0.18
- Network:
- Do not depent on SuSEFirewall to list the known zones anymore.
- NetworkInterfaces: Remove ZONE attribute if it is empty when
- 4.0.17
- Added RSpec shared example for CWM::CheckBox (bsc#1068354).
- 4.0.16
- SuSEFirewall: Export minimal firewalld configuration until the
AY firewall schema is adapted (bsc#1067193)
- 4.0.15
- fate#323460
- Firewalld API: added change_interface method
- 4.0.14
- Firewalld API: running? return false if the package is not
installed (fate#323460)
- 4.0.13
- Network (Firewall):
- Added support for firewalld offline command
- Dropped SuSEFirewall (module) support for SuSEFirewall2 backend
- Adapted some SuSEFirewalldClass methods to work properly during
- Skipped some tests to make it build properly (should be
replaced by new ones with a new API design)
- 4.0.12
- Adapted SuSEFirewallIsInstalled() to return true only when the
package is already installed or checked and installed in normal
- Added SuSEFirewallIsSelectedOrInstalled() which behaves as the
old SuSEFirewallIsInstalled() method.
- Adapted calls to use SuSEFirewallIsSelectedOrInstalled() when
the methods can be called even with just Pkg selection.
- Fixing disabling vnc, ssh, ... installation to handle service
names independently on using upper/lower case as they are used
in different context at different places of the code
- 4.0.11
- Disable vnc, ssh,... installation in install.inf if it is not
supported. (bnc#1055279, bnc#1058071)
- 4.0.10
- Stop using tmpnam, it is no longer supported in perl 5.26
- 4.0.9
- Add support for merging to workflow extensions from modules
- 4.0.8
- fix starting gnome control center (bsc#1058376)
- 4.0.7
- systemd services (bsc#1045658)
- reverted a command change that broke brittle tests
- 4.0.6
- systemd services (bsc#1045658)
- add SystemdService.find_many for a speed-up
- SystemdUnit fix for units with multiple dots in name
- consistent logging of systemctl calls
- 4.0.5
- Fix handling of PGP signatures when running in insecure mode
- 4.0.4
- Added methods to Yast2::FsSnapshot allowing to finish the
Snapper configuration (part of fate#318196).
- 4.0.3
- Add support to disable buttons on CWM::Dialog
- Add a method WorkflowManager#merge_product_workflow which allows
to merge a product workflow (fate#322267)
- 4.0.2
- Added UI:TextHelpers with a wrap_text method moved from
yast2-network (bsc#1055643)
- 4.0.1
- Fixed the cursor theme in the installation (the DMZ theme has
been replaced by DMZ-White and DMZ-Black) (bsc#1051664)
- 4.0.0
- Restore Packages::Repository and Packages::Product in order
to retain compatibility with yast2-packager 3.3.2 which is
the version on Factory until storage-ng is finally
merged (bsc#1055677)
- 3.3.10
- Move Packages::Repository and Packages::Product to yast2-packager
- 3.3.9
- workaround false warning from Forwardable when using OpenStruct
in ruby 2.4 (bsc#1049433)
- 3.3.8
- run_ifconfig.scr - make "inet" section optional, handle
additional whitespace characters (bsc#811760)
- 3.3.7
- More robust systemctl test to avoid possible timeout error
- WorkflowManager: allow to extend workflow from rpm package
(needed for FATE#323450)
- WorkflowManager: drop never used support to extend workflow from
- 3.3.6
- drop reading /content file (FATE#322386)
- 3.3.5
- cwm/rspec.rb: added tests in "CWM::RadioButtons" group for
optional #hspacing and #vspacing methods
- CWM::WrapperWidget#cwm_defintion: also include widget id,
otherwise the widget would not show in a Pager, eg. Tabs
- 3.3.4
- Add YaST2 logs to the default list of files for System Log browser
- 3.3.3
- Add Yast::Execute.on_target! and Yast::Execute.locally! variants
which raise a Cheetah exception if the command fails (bsc#1048512)
- 3.3.2
- convert Object#timeout usage to Timeout.timeout as ruby2.4 makes
it obsolete ( ruby2.4 will be for SLE15 so part of bsc#1044312)
- 3.3.1
- Fix omitting button in CWM::Dialog and make API consistent with (boo#1039901)
- 3.3.0
- Support for the new Expert Partitioner (boo#1039901):
- Added UI::Sequence, UI::Greasemonkey
- Added CWM::Dialog
- RSpec.shared_examples for CWM: Page, PushButton, RadioButtons,
- 3.2.40
- Add hint for UI about application name and its icon (bsc#1037891)
- 3.2.39
- Fix showing help text when CWM::ReplacePoint contains another
CWM::ReplacePoint. Fix including new
CWM::AbstractWidget#refresh_help functionality for widgets where
help text can change during its lifetime. (boo#1039901)
- 3.2.38
- Add EventDispatcher#event_handler to allow custom events
management, for example to delegate to a widget. Part of
- 3.2.37
- Fix distribution of new CWM::WrapperWidget (bsc#1032725)
- 3.2.36
- CWM: Add object wrapper to allow running object CWM with old
hash style widgets (bsc#1032725)
- fix nested pagers to have unique ids
- 3.2.35
- Fix CWM::ReplacePoint to work with CWM::Custom widget and use it
in all pagers (boo#1039901)
- Fix calling handle in CWM::RadioButtons
- 3.2.34
- Warning messages shouldn't open UI in command-line mode
- 3.2.33
- Added CWM::Pager, CWM::Tree + CWM::TreeItem,
CWM::TreePager + CWM::PagerTreeItem (boo#1039901)
- 3.2.32
- Added CWM::Table (boo#1039901)
- 3.2.31
- Translation fix: Ruby gettext cannot extract translatable texts
from interpolated strings (bsc#1038077)
- 3.2.30
- Added cwm/rspec with shared_examples for CWM::AbstractWidget
and its children (boo#1039302)
- 3.2.29
- Fixed parsing whitespace lines in /etc/fstab (bsc#1030425)
- 3.2.28
- Set correct title when wizard is supported (bsc#1033161#c4)
- 3.2.27
- start using y2start instead of y2base (bsc#1027181)
- 3.2.26
- don't generate multiline entries, it's against SuSEfirewall2 recommendation
multiline entries create trouble with fillup, see bsc#798468
- 3.2.25
- Fixed downloading installer extension package (FATE#320772)
- 3.2.24
- SlideShow: Escape plain text release notes being shown properly
in RichText (bsc#1028721).
- 3.2.23
- Download the addon installation.xml file from a package
referenced by the "installerextension" provides dependency
- 3.2.22
- Use for Yast::TargetFile and Yast::Execute real path where scr
operates. It allows easier switching scr in unit tests.
(needed for testing fix for bsc#1023204)
- 3.2.21
- Added options to CWM::RadioButtons to set some extra spaces
(related to poo#14936 and bsc#1025415).
- 3.2.20
- Added PackageDownloader and PackageExtractor classes for sharing
the package downloading and extracting functions (fate#320772)
- 3.2.19
- bnc#1026027
- removed insserv calls
- 3.2.18
- UnitFileState will be used for evaluating enable state of
services. If it has an invalid value "systemctl is-enabled...."
has to be called instead. (bnc#1012047)
- 3.2.17
- Added FileChanges.created_files (part of fix for bsc#1027582)
- 3.2.16
- Support to add roles through addons (FATE#320772)
- 3.2.15
- Allow Pattern selector to have more generic button names and
enablement (needed for poo#14936, bsc#1025415)
- 3.2.14
- Fix error popup when replacing widget with CWM::ReplacePoint
- 3.2.13
- Added a CWM::ReplacePoint widget
- 3.2.12
- CWM: when skipping storing of widget values, skip also its
validation (FATE#322328)
- bnc#1017716
- do not cache ifcfg files with empty device name part (ifcfg-).
Such file cannot be mapped to any existing device and providing
empty device name could lead to unexpected crashes in other
parts of yast.
- 3.2.11
- Fixed tests to pass with the latest yast2-core package
(related to the bsc#932331 fix)
- 3.2.10
- Add a method to read the ID property from the /etc/os-release
file (related to bsc#1016004)
- 3.2.9
- add generic cwm widget for keyboard layout (used for FATE#321754)
- 3.2.8
- Enhanced PackagesProposal API to handle required and optional
resolvables separately (bsc#885496)
- 3.2.7
- Fix replacement of workflow modules (bsc#1011869)
- 3.2.6
- Remove the restart file when starting YaST to avoid possible
infinite loop (bsc#842910)
- 3.2.5
- Added needed include in Kernel.rb. Found while testing
- 3.2.4
- fix do not show again for packages downloaded to temporary
directory (bsc#481011)
- remove icons from signature check dialogs (bsc#875201)
- 3.2.3
- Add-on module: Do not escape characters like ":" in the path
string (bnc#966413).
- 3.2.2
- Network: Added method to adapt old configuration of enslaved
interfaces. (bsc#962824)
- 3.2.1
- Set installer theme when Screenmode is specified at boot time
(related to bsc#780621)
- 3.2.0
- save_y2logs: use canonical path (bsc#1001454)
- 3.1.208
- Removed build dependency on yast2-perl-bindings (bsc#999203)
- 3.1.207
- Network: Fix bug introduced during NetworkInterfaces.Read cleanup
The method Networkinterfaces.Locate now returns the interface
name of the interfaces that match the given condition instead of
the type. (bsc#998717)
- 3.1.206
- Packages: remove warning icon from package callbacks.
- 3.1.205
- Set AutoYaST default timeout entries for reporting errors
correctly and do not overwrite AutoYaST profile settings.
- 3.1.204
- Popup.Error will escape the text when message is too long and
richtext is used (bsc#992506)
- 3.1.203
- Fixed handling of cd:/ and dvd:/ URLs (bsc#991935)
- 3.1.202
- Declare textdomain to fix untranslated texts (bsc#992084).
- 3.1.201
- show release notes during package installation even if slide
show is not available (bsc#978700)
- 3.1.200
- Fixed ArgumentError in Popup.AnyTimedMessage (bsc#988739).
- 3.1.199
- Fixed Yast::NetworkInterfaces.FilterNOT regexp matching
(bsc#990482) added in previous release.
- 3.1.198
- Clean up of NetworkInterfaces Read method to make it more
readable (bsc#982850)
- 3.1.197
- define 32-bit arm architecture (thanks to @afaerber)
- 3.1.196
- fix cyclic dependencies caused by split of firewall classes
- 3.1.195
- Use a high resolution window icon (64x64) instead of the low
resolution (22x22) one (bsc#985432)
- 3.1.194
- Fixed displaying the file conflicts callbacks when the Progress
dialog is not displayed (bsc#983464)
- 3.1.193
- Drop yast2-devel-doc package (fate#320356)
- 3.1.192
- Split SuSEFirewall and SuSEFirewallServices classes to separate
files as recommended by the Yast coding style (fate#318356,
- 3.1.191
- Refactor SuSEFirewall backend code to support FirewallD. This allows
yast2 modules to be firewall agnostic and handle firewall services in
either SuSEFirewall2 or FirewallD (fate#318356, gh#yast/yast-yast2#457)
* Do a bit of code cleanup.
* Add FirewallD tests.
- 3.1.190
- bnc#972575
- filter out INTERFACETYPE option from ifcfg files. This option
used to be written with incorrect value by older versions of
- 3.1.189
- remove invalid_hostname check (fate#319639)
- 3.1.188
- Add Repository and Repository products classes to the packages
library API (part of FATE#320494)
- 3.1.187
- Fix "when" key in FinishClient#info
- Added restarting state to Installation to for example recover
data or skip dialogs until the one wich restarted yast.
(related to bsc#974409)
- 3.1.186
- CWM: fix showing help for tabs widgets
found during fixing bnc#952633)
- 3.1.185
- Make the "Abort" button default in the file conflict popup
(safe default compatible with zypper) (bsc#923590)
- 3.1.184
- Added system_time to ylib_DATA.
Cleanup for bnc#956730.
- 3.1.183
- Moved "uptime" from package autoyast2 to yast2.
Cleanup for bnc#956730.
- 3.1.182
- Display a confirmation dialog when a file conflict is detected
during package installation (bsc#923590)
- 3.1.181
- Added proc_modules.scr from yast-installation to avoid that
yast-sound depends on yast-installation (bsc#972310)
- 3.1.180
- Added cfg_mail.scr from yast-mail to avoid circular dependencies
with yast2-security, yast2-users and yast2-mail (FATE#319711)
- 3.1.179
- Introduce PowerNV platform (boo#970582)
- 3.1.178
- Added ProductFeatures.SetOverlay,ClearOverlay for System Roles
- 3.1.177
- Require rubygems using system ruby version to avoid YaST failures
- 3.1.176
- Add support for showing update messages from libzypp
(related to bsc#943805)
- 3.1.175
- SuSEFirewall module reads system configuration during
autoinstallation. It behaves in the same way as
regular installation or normal operation (bsc#963585)
- AutoYaST settings for SuSEFirewall will be merged
with the existing configuration (instead of being fully
- Add a read_and_import method to SuSEFirewall module.
- 3.1.174
- bsc#960040
- put valid hostname into AY profile generated at the end of
- 3.1.173
- Yast::Execute do not crash for missing '_' method (found during
- 3.1.172
- fix packaging of TargetFile and Execute classes (FATE#317701)
- 3.1.171
- fix string processing for frames in CWM causing crash in
yast2-network (bnc#963966)
- 3.1.170
- Added Yast::Execute, a class to run programs with Cheetah
- Added Yast::TargetFile, a handler suitable for CFA::BaseModel
- Both respect Yast::Installation.destdir ( needed for FATE#317701)
- 3.1.169
- Allow CWM to specify which events do not cause storing of widget
content ( needed for FATE#317701)
- 3.1.168
- Added UI::InstallationDialog as specialization of UI::Dialog
(part of bsc#893825)
- 3.1.167
- Added CWM::Tabs that is object oriented API replacement for
- 3.1.166
- Add a default value for firewall setting FW_BOOT_INIT_FULL
- 3.1.165
- Added CWM::AbstractWidget.
- Added method working with AbstractWidgets kids
- Added few basic CWM widgets for easier usage
- 3.1.164
- fixed semantics of SCR call for zKVM detection (bsc#961485)
- 3.1.163
- added detection of zKVM to Arch.rb (for proper fix of bsc#956736)
- 3.1.162
- Renamed some arguments and methods in the UI::ServiceStatus API
- 3.1.161
- New methods CWM.save_current_widgets and
- Replaced UI::SrvStatusComponent with UI::ServiceStatus
- 3.1.160
- rewrite save_y2logs (and log linuxrc.log and wickedd.log)
- 3.1.159
- Fixed idnkit dependency to allow building YaST HEAD in SLE12
- 3.1.158
- Fixed Puny code processing - the idnconv tool has been moved to
a different package (idnkit) (bsc#953442)
- 3.1.157
- Fixed clipped dialog label (bsc#948381)
- 3.1.156
- Fixed clipped labels in Arabic on some widgets (bsc#880701).
- Fixed that also for the installation (bsc#880701#c43)
- 3.1.155
- bnc#946047
- use proper hostname / domain defaults when network is
configured by linuxrc
- 3.1.154
- Replace "Skip" with "Ignore" in the dialog that is shown when
there's a problem during packages installation (bsc#948608)
- 3.1.153
- Fix "stack level too deep" exception if cd-rom repository is
needed (bnc#945879)
- 3.1.152
- UI component for services handling moved from yast2-dns-server
to yast2 (fate#318771)
- 3.1.151
- Properly format the package license in the confirmation dialog
to make it better readable (bsc#819311)
- 3.1.150
- Avoid too many snapshots created during the online migration
- bnc#897129
- AutoYaST will no longer ignore firewall settings if
keep_install_network is enabled
- 3.1.149
- Add a Mode#auto method
- Checking cpuinfo_flags correctly while evaluating kernel packages
for i586. (bnc#943297)
- 3.1.148
- "yast2" script - handle also the reboot flag the same way as
the installation script (bsc#942461)
- 3.1.147
- bnc#941881
- displays hostname / domain as set in /etc/hostnmae
- 3.1.146
- bnc#916013
- keeps routing state when firewall is enabled/disabled
- 3.1.145
- Fixed a conflict between Wizard and CommandLine components that
was breaking the CLI for some modules (bnc#940341)
- 3.1.144
- Properly display information about exceptions when running in
command line mode (bnc#939565).
- Fixed a bug preventing Yast::CommandLine to be executed twice
in the same script.
- 3.1.143
- Allow Dialog class to support alternative ways how to get user
input (needed for yast2-vnc module) (bnc#938944)
- 3.1.142
- Do not try to load snapper extension as it does not exists anymore
- 3.1.141
- do not crash if desktop file does not exist for setting icon
- 3.1.140
- Cleanup for snapshots made during installation (bnc#935923)
- 3.1.139
- fix using desktop icon for yast(bnc#894220)
- 3.1.138
- Added /etc/sysconfig/yast2:PKGMGR_RECOMMENDED=yes to control
whether the YaST packager UI installs recommended dependencies
- Removed /etc/sysconfig/yast2:PKGMGR_REEVALUATE_RECOMMENDED,
making the setting not persistent (boo#902394).
- 3.1.137
- bnc#858908
- use /etc/hostname instead of /etc/HOSTNAME
- bnc#922765, bnc#923990
- do not propose TLD
- 3.1.136
- Starting the Installer (YaST2.First-Stage) directly from yast2
startup script if we are in inst-sys (FATE#317637, bnc#877447)
- 3.1.135
- bnc#922765
- changed default TLD from .site to .suse
- 3.1.134
- Changed implementaton of view_anymsg to rely more on standard
Yast mechanisms (bnc#935192)
- 3.1.133
- fate#318804
- dropped no longer used group from YaST Control Centre
- 3.1.132
- Added new method Directory.find_data_file (needed for the
implementation of fate#318425)
- Deprecated Directory.datadir and Directory.ydatadir
- 3.1.131
- Fix a typo when calling Linuxrc.value_for method
- 3.1.130
- Implemented possibility to temporarily disable creating
snapshots via parameter on Linuxrc commandline:
or using their comma-separated combination (fate#317973)
- 3.1.129
- reduce count of extending inst-sys with snapper for snapshotting
- 3.1.128
- Added Linuxrc.value_for (fate#317973)
- 3.1.127
- Add persistent storage for fs pre snapshots (fate#317973)
- 3.1.126
- Fixed proposal to open fallback ports for services (bsc#916376)
- Removed opening iSCSI ports from firewall proposal (bsc#916376)
- 3.1.125
- InstExtensionImage: add block variant for loading extension
(needed for FATE#317900)
- 3.1.124
- Add a class FsSnapshot for managing filesystem snapshots
- Making SuSEFirewallProposal.propose_iscsi function public
- 3.1.123
- Propose SuSEfirewal2 to fully initialize (e.g. open ports)
already in the init phase to allow using iSCSI (bsc#916376)
- 3.1.122
- Better handling of line breaks in system log viewer (bnc#912169)
- 3.1.121
- fix typo in method call to package bindings (found by openQA)
- separate dummy Pkg callbacks from common ones
- 3.1.120
- remove depreacated legacy Patch callbacks
- fixed \r, \f, \v and \b characters lost during conversion to
- Removed more icons from other dialogs (bnc#875201)
- 3.1.119
- added handling of new created configuration files (bsc#860856)
- 3.1.118
- Removed icons from all kinds of popups (bnc#875201)
- 3.1.117
- remove unused module for tracking config history in svn
- remove unused module for writing to system log that is obsolete
by systemd
- remove never used feature to lock proposal by administrator
- improve the most horrible nesting of blocks in code
- enable automatic rubocop style checker and adjust code to YaST
style guide
- Treat PowerNV platform as CHRP
- Use native Ruby implementation (IPAddr) for Yast::IP.
- 3.1.116
- keep kernel cmdline options during live installation (bsc#793065)
- 3.1.115
- Add Arch.aarch64
- remove X-KDE-Library from desktop file (bnc#899104)
- PackageCallbacks: fixed progress reporting (progress overflow was
caused by missing stage count)
- 3.1.113
- Add base class for installation proposal and finish clients
- 3.1.112
- remove support for the unmaintained GTK UI plugin (bnc#901511)
- removed module (obsolete, not supported
by the new SCC registration)
- 3.1.110
- do not crash for non-english locale if log file does not exist
- 3.1.109

==== yast2-firstboot ====
Version update (4.1.5 -> 4.1.6)

- Disable duplicate license dialogs (boo#131301)
- Initialize product in firstboot (boo#1132189)
- 4.1.6

==== yast2-trans ====
Version update (84.87.20190410.077cc7c58a -> 84.87.20190412.26ef452e5e)
Subpackages: yast2-trans-ar yast2-trans-bg yast2-trans-bs yast2-trans-ca
yast2-trans-cs yast2-trans-da yast2-trans-de yast2-trans-el yast2-trans-en
yast2-trans-en_GB yast2-trans-en_US yast2-trans-eo yast2-trans-es
yast2-trans-et yast2-trans-fa yast2-trans-fi yast2-trans-fr yast2-trans-hu
yast2-trans-id yast2-trans-it yast2-trans-ja yast2-trans-ko yast2-trans-lt
yast2-trans-nb yast2-trans-nl yast2-trans-pl yast2-trans-pt yast2-trans-pt_BR
yast2-trans-ru yast2-trans-sk yast2-trans-sl yast2-trans-sv yast2-trans-uk
yast2-trans-zh_CN yast2-trans-zh_TW

- Update to version 84.87.20190412.26ef452e5e:
* New POT for text domain 'rpm-groups'.
* New POT for text domain 'packager'.
* New POT for text domain 'firstboot'.
* Remove unnecessary code
* Add download for updated rpm-groups.pot

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