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Re: [opensuse-factory] Leap 15.1 Build 450.2 - user report
On 4/16/19 6:25 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 4/16/19 5:46 PM, Ancor Gonzalez Sosa wrote:
On 4/16/19 3:25 PM, Neil Rickert wrote:
On 4/15/19 1:59 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:


The expert partitioner has changed, and IMO it is not better. Huge

What does "huge display" mean?

Again, this is how it looked in 42.3

And this is how it looks in 15.1

What is so different or so huge in the general display? It looks very
similar to me.

Except when one has perhaps fifty partitions and several disks, and the
default expands them all...

Good point. That's something that changed indeed. The good news is that
we are fixing it right now. A new version with a more reasonable
approach about expanding/collapsing branches of the tree by default will
land in Tumbleweed in a matter of weeks. Too late for 15.1, unfortunately.

And about "being not better", I can tell you the partitioner in 15.1
contain less bugs than the version in 43.2 (that one was full of
pitfalls). In addition, it can now directly format full disks, create
software MD RAIDs on top of disks without partitions, create partitions
within a software-defined MD RAID and many others combinations that were
impossible in the past. It also makes possible to setup bcache devices.
So from both reliability and functionality point of views, I would dare
to say it IS better. ;-)

I have not tested all that, but I'm sure it is true :-)

It is the visual aspect, and that "settings" has fewer things that
perhaps 13.1 had. I miss choosing the default type of partition.

One question. Is it possible to set all system encrypted, without using
LVM? This is possible to do manually, but there was talk of including it
in YaST.

Using the Partitioner you can encrypt disks, partitions, LVs... whatever
you want.

Using the Guided Setup you can use encryption with or without LVM.

So all combinations should be possible.

The current drawback is that if you encrypt the partitions/disks that
are needed for booting you will need to enter the password twice per
device during the boot process. That needs to be fixed by improving the
communication between Grub2 and dracut. Something out of the scope of
YaST. I don't know when such communication will be implemented.

Import mount points worked, once I found where it was and how it
worked. And unclick "format system volumes". This is very dangerous!

It's EXACTLY in the same place it was in 42.3. That can be checked in
the previous comparison screenshots.

And it works EXACTLY in the same way it used to work in 42.3. With
"format system volumes" being preselected by default... exactly as it
was in 42.3.

Maybe, but the way I remember was from 13.1 ;-)

In this design, I find it difficult to find it, because when going to
"disks" it disappears.

Again, let's compare screenshots of 42.3...

and 15.1

One of the points that people disliked in 15.0 was that we had
simplified that option too much. Now it works exactly as it always did.
How it comes that classic behavior we have cloned 1:1 on popular demand
is suddenly hard to find, hard to understand and dangerous?

I only said that I found it hard to find. I didn't say any of the
others, it worked well.  I found the meaning of the "next" and
"previous" button not trivial.

I agree the feature is a usability nightmare. But a lot of people
complained with every bit we changed on it. So back to the roots. Now it
works exactly as always so nobody can complain about regressions. :-)

Import previous users did not default to import from the same partition
as selected on partition import. And it appears not to import user

I think it imports from the most recently booted linux system.  I'm not
sure if it is using file system time stamps, or something else.  And
yes, it does not import groups.

Another thing that has not changed. It has always imported from the most
recently accessed Linux.

Wouldn't it make sense to import from the same partition that it
imported fstab from?

Hmmm, not so sure. What is wrong, in my opinion, is the fact that the
user cannot select from where to import. Enforcing any solution (the
most recent, the one imported in the partitioner or any other) is not

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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